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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bohiaa, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    While cutting a lawn, " I work by myself " - " From a ford ranger with a -topper "

    I noticed several people around the house across the street, younger peple. Kids around 20 yrs old.

    This time I didn't put up my Echo line trimmer. 300.00 plus. it was just propped up on the lowered tailgate.

    I was in sight of the truck and when I turned around they went for it...

    I did my hollering and running toward them and when I got there they were like what... We were just looking at it...

    SO I did my little speech and let it go....
    Planning on coming back later that evening to get paid. I went and talked to there father. and you'll never believe what he said...

    He told me to take better care of my equipment. keep it out of sight and the temptation would not be there for his kids to steel it

    what a PITA to lock everything up after removing a mower or blower..

    I was wondering how you guys handle issues like this with a tailor
  2. CuttingCrew

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    Every time you put a piece of equipment back on the trailer/truck, lock it up. Get in the habit of doing it and no matter how big of a hurry you get in, lock it up. The other option is to buy an enclosed trailer. Personally, I cannot afford one right now so I lock everything, every time.

    The down time of having a blower or trimmer swiped and cost of replacing it can wipe out a week of hard work for a solo guy like myself, not to mention how pissed off you will be for the next three weeks at yourself for thinking "no one will steel it, I'm just going to do a quick walk around before I leave."

    "Locks won't stop a thief, they just keep honest people honest." (my father, a 30 year retired police officer taught me that)

  3. smullen

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    One of my friends that run a L.C. just had a Red Max trimmer swiped off of his trailer, while cutting a backyard in a N. St. Louis Inner City area...

    When he came back around front, he said there were several (thug looking) teens kinda lingering around right across the street from his truck and they were all staring and laughing... He said something felt odd, then he noticed the trimmer was gone....
  4. out4now

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    What kind of mowers are you running? If you aren't using 21's maybe invest in a trimmer trap? As said though, always lock your stuff up.
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    Ive never heard of something being "stolden". lol. but you gotta lock your $hit up. Even if you lock it up, they can steal it, just a matter of how long they want to take to get it. I cant belive what people steal. Oh well, thats life.

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