All's Well That Ends Well


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Bolivar, MO
Some of you may recall my posting the other day regarding reducing of bidding prices if one really wants to get a job. I mentioned I had bid a bit low on a job which was adjacent to two other properties I already had, because I felt it was in my best interest to have all three.

Well, I mowed it for the first time today, and guess what? There is a pretty large chunk I thought was part of the property that actually belongs to a neighbor, so I've got about 8,000 or so square feet less to mow than I thought, and about 10 less things to trim around! Looks like my bid was right in the ball park for the time it will take after getting the place in shape. The last LCO didn't mow it after about the end of August last year, and I had to double cut almost all of it to get it looking halfway decent. Neill