Allternatives To A Stihl FS 100 RX

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NORTHMAN, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Then you really seriously need to consider two. Yes the bike handle is very limited, but with full harness, it do something no other can do, trim at level for hours without putting stress on the body. Then get a super light one for touch up. Your body worth more than any trimmer. It is not about the brand, it's the setup that you need to worry about. This is speaking from one with CTS.

    Go try one with a good trigger, 4 hours, it can make or break your hands/wrisk etc. My Honda seems very comfortable on my hand, go test it and see it for yourself. Forget the brand, get whatever that you feel comfortable.

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    Of course last year I bought a Stihl FS 250 loop handle,I wonder if it can be converted to a bike haqndle?Alan could you please tell me more about your Honda?How does it compare to a 2-stroke?Reliability?The FS 250 is 2.15 hp(I think),whats the Honda?Thanks again.
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    Thumbs Up When my beloved Kaw KGT27A gave up the ghost after 2 seasons, I replaced it with a Husky 323L and love it.
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    Mine is the HHT31SUNBA, 31cc. I had carb problem once that turn out to be Wabro problem.......metal fragments inside the carb blocking the jet. After that, it is working fine. It is very very smooth, very quiet. Make the Shindaiwa M242 like a vibrating machine. For CTS, low vibration is important. The newer model is the 36cc HHT35SUNBA. Mine is more similar to the power of yours because is the same engine size.

    It is very comfortable to use. I don't find the throttle trigger hard to hold because I have CTS and I would be the first to know that. Always one pull start and not much warmup. I would change to the Shindaiwa Speed Feed head though, I don't like the bump feed head from Honda. It does not have the separation in the spool so you have to be careful when winding to make sure the strings don't bind.

    The 36cc Honda is only 1.6hp, so the FS250 is going to be stronger. If you can get the FS250, it is good too. But if you run 4 hours a day, I would stick to the less polution 4 cycle Honda not for the enviroment, but for your health. You would be the first one to breath in the exhaust!!!! The Hondas are pretty strong, I use mine to trim waist high weeds!!! And mine is only 31cc.

    For the light trimmer, Husqvarna 223 or 326 are very very good trimmer and light.

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