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    Last night I was unhooking my trailer and just happened to look at the receiver pin holding my trailer ball and dropdown arm onto the receiver. The pin that has a lock on one side and a lets say "bushing" on the other side to hold it on place. The bushing was half way off. I pulled on it with a pair of channel locks and it came off with little or no effort. So the pin just slid right out. I always run with my chains hooked up but man--- I really think with 400 gallons of water that tandem trailer would have pulled my 3/4 ton chevy where ever it wanted to. I guess I was "BLESSED" to happen to look at it. I never ever look at it. I guarentee ya I am now. The only think I can think of is it was a 1/2" pin instead of the 5/8" pin that should have been in there. It must have been allowed to slide side to side with that 1/8" difference. My new one is a solid 5/8" with no sleeve.
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    Good thing you caught that. I had the happen to me, didnt have the pin in, hit a bump just hard enough, and POP! all i remeber is watching my trailer bounc up in the air and then slide right under the rear of my truck.
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    Same thing here. Bump in road trailer popped up and slammed into the back of my isuzu npr. Brand new enclosed trailer smashed the front of it:cry: Dealer said it was a 2" ball was a 2 5/8
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    GLAD you checked that!!! WOW I can't say enough how I check my hitch "every time" before I get into the truck for the next stop.

    You are the "Safety Monitor" and again I am glad you checked it.

    The lives we save in doing so Include our own as well as a mom or dad, sister of grandma.......You get the point.

    So GLAD you caught that Sir :)

  5. heritage

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    That stinks!!

    I only use Pintle Hitch to avoid that very issue! Once and only once in 1990 I had a Ball hitch come off at slow speed and tore up the Tailgate of the Pickup....Chains held her and was not a heavy load....Thank God.

    Been Pintle ever since.

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    Happened to one of our guys. I bolted on a ball marked 2 inches. Trailer came loose on a bridge; safety chains caught it. When we got back to the shop we were mystified. Until we tried to lift the tongue. Came right up. Ball was 1 3/4". Discarded.
  7. Perfect Image TLM

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    One time my guy said he hooked up the trailer and we took off. About a mile later I look into my rearview mirror to see my trailer go in the air with my walkbehind on it. It basically just blew up in a persons yard, took out there mailbox and trash can. My trailer was totalled and my mower was seriously messed up and cost me plenty to fix it. The lady was pissed and I had to by her a mailbox and fix the yard, luckily she wasn't out front of her house...
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    One year one of my guys called me, he said he was driving down a road hit a utility repair, when he looked out the side of the dump truck the trailer was passing him bounced off two parked cars and into the woods. I had to have a wrecker pull it out. Thank God for insurance, it could have been worse no personal injury. The safety chains had snapped from the force after the trailer popped up it dropped way down with all that tongue weight.
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    wow. i remember finding the nut holding that holds the ball to the reciever missing. musta pulled all day with it to find it missing when i got home. thank the good Lord.

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