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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DaveVB, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. DaveVB

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    a badboy mower. Had it paid for at TSC, but theirs was broke. So they said they would get another from Lees Summit. In the meantime my Toro dealer called and said he had a used 60", water cooled in our price range. Went back to TSC and they grudgingly gave us our money back and we :walking: on over to buy a real mower.
    This TSC fright story was a Pup model with a 26hp briggs engine and sealed bearings on the spindles. We couldn't get our superintendant to see the inherent problems of making this long a term machine on 45 acres of grass.:hammerhead:
    Anyone else have a close call?
  2. Jason Rose

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    Iv'e made the same mistakes before! It's easy to get sold on a machine at a store like that, especially when you have to stand there and look at it side by side with machines that are hardly even mowers.

    I'm sure the Bad Boy at TSC is an ok mower, but it's nothing like the real versions. The tiny rear wheels/tires on it look so stupid on that machine, can't imigine how great they ride, lol. The briggs engine may give a service life of 1,000 hours if properly cared for. Still a LOT less than a kaw or a Kohler would give you. But for $4,000 it's not a "bad" deal for a 60" machine that actually has a decent deck.
  3. Illini_Fan

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    This machine is a our ZT 2600 model. It is designed for small properties of 2 or less acres. What was broken? Shipping damage?

    Our Pup models are much larger than the ZTs. I know the tank decal has Pup on it. They are the same tanks that we used on our mini Pups.
  4. DaveVB

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    The left steering arm safety switch ws out of adjustment. The manager saaid it looked like a forklift got it.

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