Almost had my trailer stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by scott89, Oct 27, 2017.

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    Hey guys ,this is my first post. Im very grateful for this supportive community of professionals we have and am proud to be able to come on here and learn from yall's experiences. Thank you. Now, to the heart of my post. Yesterday I was under a heavily overgrown shrub ( not sure of the type ) but the shrub was easily three times the size of my truck. At this point in time I had detached my trailer from my truck and was wrapping tow rope around the base of the shrub so I could rip it out with the truck. Keep In mind my trailer currently has a brand new scag ztr and a commercial grade push mower on it. This shrub was big enough to conceal me entirely from view, and what do I see when I come crawling out from underneath the shrub? Two pieces of crap attempting to hook my trailer up to their truck. I mean the nerve of these guys. Its the middle of the day and we are on the side of a major road. Needless to say I lost it and grabbed the palm tree trimming knife I had next to me and ran after them. Ive never seen someone move so fast, they were in their truck and wheels peeling; they left deap tread marks in the grass they peeled out so fast. The point of this post is to PLEASE never underestimate the guts and nerve of some of these thiefs. If that trailer was stolen I would've been out of 13,00$ worth of equipment. I mean I was less than 30 feet away from them and they tried hooking my gear up to their trailer and taking my stuff. Thankfully I had a tongue lock, which Im almost positive bought me enough time to realize what was happening and come at them. Please learn from my mistake, I don't want this happening to anyone.
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    Welcome to lawnsite
    Thanks for the reminder about how persistent dirt bag thieves are
    Hope you got there plate number and reported it
    Good thing you caught it in time:)
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    Happy you saved it!
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    Welcome to the forum and glad you caught them in the act. A tongue lock will slow down thieves but down here they are dropping the trailer on their reciever (tongue lock in place) and driving away. Some have slowed down long enough to tie a piece of rope around it prior to hauling it away. They just dont care if they lose it going down the road because it isn't theres to begin with. Thieves suck.
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    up here they take a steel rod in place of the ball , that they drop the tongue on and drive away , locked or not they do not care if it comes off as its not theres but if it don't they make money , if it has the ball filler they just use use the safety chains wrapped around the hitch ,

    you should see how they steel pinlocked semi trailers . dangerous as all get out . they pull the trailer tight against the fifth wheel and then chain it to the tractor , most of th etime they are only moving it a couple of blocks to clean it out .

    glad you saw it happen and stopped them .
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    Are the locks for the wheels a better option than the hitch lock?
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    Yes. I go overboard when mine is not in the warehouse. Wheel locks and two locks on the tongue. I really like the wheel lock.[​IMG]I use one like this but it has anothe lock on the flat side for smaller wheels.
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  8. OP

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    I love the idea of a wheel lock. I thought a tongue lock was enough but am obviously deeply mistaken. That trailer is my livelihood and the cost of a wheel lock is a investment I see in my future very soon. Great advice! This forum has been soo good to me. It's take me a couple years but I have lurked and learned for a while, and due to this attempted robbery I have learned I am never done learning.
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  9. RussellB

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    [​IMG]This is the one I have. Purchased it from Rack'em.
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    Scott, you may want to consider insuring your trailer and equipment. This way you aren't at a total loss from theft, fire or accident.
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