Almost lost the trailer at 60mph!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevo22, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. stevo22

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    Glad i have leather seats, the poo wiped up easy...went over a bump and saw the trailer go up in the air then dissappear behind tailgate, crap!!thank god for safety stupidity...i have one of those three way's that have 1 7/8-2-2 5/16, the trailer is 2 5/16 and was on the 2" ball...what a dumb arse...i was in such a hurry to get off the side of the highway that i did not even know if it did any damage to my truck when my wife home and the bumper is f#####'d up...does anyone know how much a new bumper for a 08 f450 is???just, but i am glad it wasn't worse...guess i will be making a claim or just pay out of pocket...just wanted to pass it on to let everyone to check their balls!:)
  2. KGR landscapeing

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    o man i got testicular cancer dang it sorry really bad joke it just brought back school health class memorys. sorry. But no for real everybody trailer safety should be a big part of all your lifes always check your chains balls make sure its always lockd. make sure your lights work. brakes break away ones to. haulmark guys you know not to pull them cause it can mess them up. but everybody take them time to make sure there secure.
  3. Chilehead

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    I bet you lost about 5 years of your life when that happened--would have scared me too. Saw a big mess 2 seasons ago. 2500 serries pickup, 6 x 16 open trailer and 3 zero-turns(scags) all over the road and in the ditch. The guy's bumper had been ripped off, so maybe he wasn't using a Class 4 hitch. Go figure.
  4. farmboy1285

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    I will be sure to check my balls:laugh:. Anyway when I first got my mowing trailer I had something like that happen to me. I was used to only using this pos trailer with no safety chains and no lights and no jack on our farm behind our fourwheelers. I was in hurry and was so preoccupied by putting the jack up, the lights in, and the safety chains on that I completely forgot to put the tongue latch down:hammerhead:. I was going over some train tracks and the trailer pop-ed off thank god there was no load and I was going slow. Then a few weeks ago I guess the little pin that holds the trailer hitch in the receiver fell out. That sucked because I had my mowers on and it took me awhile just get the trailer back up on the jack. I got way to many trailers gone awry stories to tell so I will spare every one:clapping:.
  5. Turf Commando

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    Definitely see your problem .....match those balls
  6. Ed Ryder

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    If your trailer detaches and kills somebody, or if your equipment somehow gets ejected from a trailer because it wasn't secured - and it kills somebody, you will be doing time in prison. They will make an example out of you. Unless you get lucky.

    Making sure you are safe to cruise down the road is a serious thing. If you like your freedom, make certain you are safe to roll.

    You can't be making mistakes with this.
  7. Petr51488

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    What do you mean by that?
  8. 02DURAMAX

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    I always pull on the hitch ball to make sure its on right..
  9. SpruceLandscape

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    I got 2 for ya...
    1.) my dumbass mistake... same thing with the reciever ball... 2" ball for a 2-5/16 trailer. Luckily I wasn't going down the street, but instead I was loading a mower onto the trailer when it popped up off the ball on my new truck at the time! scared the crap outta me because that trailer had regular ramps, not a rear gate! It also weighted 2500 lbs empty and it was an open trailer, so you can imagine how much force that was coming back down when it hit. Luckily it landed right back on the ball!
    2.) Still my dumbass fault. Had a new guy with me starting that day and he said he would hook up the trailer when I backed to it. I literally asked him "do you know how these hook up?" he replied... "Dude I'm not a ******...." (apparently he was a little slower than the thought he was... I'm driving down the road about 4 miles already, slow down to make a quick left hand turn and feel something shift on the back end, thinking that maybe something fell over on the trailer so I pulled over. guess what... he knew how to set the hitch lock, how to put the safety pin in, how to put the chains on, and how to hook the lights up... JUST DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT THE HITCH BALL IN THE BALL SOCKET OF THE F@#$'IN TRAILER!!! He just lowered the jack down and let the weight of the trailer rest on the hitch!!! Luckily I loaded the mower on the front of the trailer that day so the weight kept the trailer from flying off anywhere.
    I kicked myself in the arse for not checking it anyways, then kicked him out of the truck and made him walk back to get his car since he was fired.
  10. jim163

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    I'll have to get leather seats just incase I shart myself.

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