Almost new Bowie for $5,000.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by WhySod, Aug 4, 2004.

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    I have a 300 gallon Bowie, manufactured in November 2003 for sale. Take a look at the pdf brochure on Bowie's website.

    I got a call a couple of months ago from the guy who bought this machine brand new, so he could plant his own 6 acres. After that he had no use for it. (He told me he would have been better off having a hydroseeding contractor do the job.) He only wanted $5,500 for it.

    I told the guy if it would blow the fittings off of my Finn machine's hoses with 3 bales in the tank, I'd buy it from him. (The Finn will only pump 2-1/2 bales.) It did, and made one heck of a mess. So I kept my word and bought it from him. (And that made my wife more angry at me than any stupid thing I can remember doing in the last several years.)

    It was so powerful, I had to put 4 new gaskets in the pump to lower the pressure a little. I used it for 3 or 4 weeks and decided that even though it's more powerful, I like my 300 gallon Finn better. So it's been sitting in my back yard (right outside the window next to her computer) for the last month or so (and she's still real mad). As much as I'd like to keep it as a backup machine, it's time to sell the Bowie (and get her off my back).

    It is an incredible workhorse of a little machine. It will pump 3 bales of 70/30 through 250' of hose, on top of almost a half bale left in it from the last job, without complaining. And it's a real Bowie, so it will probably outlast my Finn. It only weighs 1,200 pounds, so it will fit in the bed of a pick-up truck or even a 4 x 8 utility trailer.

    I'll take $5,000 cash (and that's firm) to the first guy who willing to have it shipped. If you come to Phoenix and get it, I'll be more than happy to work with you for a couple of days to make sure you are familiar with it.

    If you were thinking about a new or used mechanically agitated Turfmaker or Kincaid or Finn (or even a plastic jet agitated machine), you really should take a hard look at this little machine.

    Who ever heard of an almost new "Bowie" going for under $5,000.00. Call me at 480-540-9850.

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