Almost Stolen equipment... You dropped something.

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    Below you will see an event from late last season, before I was a member of this site. We had pulled up to my house after a days worth of work and I walked inside to get on the computer for a minute. I look out my window (computer over looks my drive way) and see some punk reaching into my trailer. I come haulling ass down a flight of stairs and out the front door. He was half way across my yard with my string trimmer and edger. He drops them both when the door opens, runs around the corner and dives into the back of a (I am guessing) early 90's F150. I am too busy pounding my chest to get plates (kicked myself over that one) but here are the pics. Oh and he left something behind :D the police took it though :( I want it back to fly it from a flag pole. please dont chastise me for walking inside before unloading equipment. I get it.

    Theif truck.jpg

    Theif truck2.jpg



    theif hat.jpg
  2. ernieknows

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    Is the hat size 7 5/8? could you ship to Canada?
  3. Landscape Poet

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    One word....Greentouch. Find them on the web - get your lawnsite discount and avoid situations like this...while it is still possible to get your stuff if someone really wants makes it much more of a time consuming task while keeping your gear in better shape.

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    Yeah I looked at them a couple weeks ago. The racks will be my next purchase for sure.
  5. LawnGuy73

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    They offer a lawnsite discount?
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    harbor freight sells cheap cams that can plug into a 5 dollar 13 inch TV for nxt to your moniter/ and driveway allert motion detect I find used at the thrift for 2 dollars and paint it green-if its too loud just put it in a cabinet or other room or tape over speaker/cheap security for 10 bucks-reading about these guys leavin there enclosed trailers somewhere else while they sleep is just borrowed time,cutter wheels n torches
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    Appears to fit the traveler type. Real serious problem with my fellow colleagues in the UK. At least here we still have different ways of combating problems like this. In the UK even if stolen property is found on camp sites the Police can collect said stolen property but not arrest anyone unless they confess to knowing about said stolen property?. More of a roving group of untouchables by the authorities, plus they out number the Police as well. Only exception would be when a tracking device is activated and a location is secured for a raid to take place on said location. Many stolen items are recovered all at once however the accused are more often than not given harsh sentences for their crimes
    That part can be the same over here in the states as well.
    easy-lift guy
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    They already had the mower,they just needed a trimmer and blower then they could steal your customers too.Do the Amish wear those hats? Maybe Amish on rumspringen gone bad.
    Good work getting your stuff back,I lost a brand new $500 redmax blower a few years ago and know how mad you feel.Now I am always on high alert when my stuff is unlocked,an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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    I have trimmer racks welded on my trailer and I even have a cage custom made to hold my weed eaters, blowers, sprayers and all of my gas cans. I also have a hitch lock for when my trailer is not connected to my truck and a pin lock when I am on the road. Thieves move real fast! So never take your eyes off your stuff. It cost you too much.
    One more thing, never let a guy distract you with petty conversation. Because while he is talking cheap talk to you someone else will be cleaning you out.

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