Almost time to say goodbye

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ChadsLawn, Dec 4, 2001.


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    I feel bad for guys who overspend and get in a pinch.But it really hits home when THESE things happen. Unforseen and unavoidable. We saw millions of people reach out to victims of bad events, and we can do the same. There are 5,000 members at If 1/2 of us sent $1.00 to Chad, we can make a real difference in his life. Make it $2.00 and give him a Christmas he'll remember.
    Chad, if you put your address on a reply, I'll be the first to send a check. :blob3: :blob3: :blob3:
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    Hey Chad hang in there Buddy........
    Last May I fell off a 8 ft ladder broke my back T-12 vert compressed fracture at that time I had 50 accounts.Out of work for almost three months..Came back cutting grass etc. three weeks later I had a bad accident with the state van rebreaking my back.I am currently on workman comp and waiting for back operation... Think God I have alot of friends here at Lawn Site.Or I would have went under months ago..Well to make a long story short ..Here all LCO'S are family...I would Love to help you out in anyway I can....Please give me a call 386-290-8816 I would like to help out my LCO Brother....Just hang in there man.. Heck I only have 15 accounts..but hey I ask my Clients That I am able to do anything for them ...I am talking about odd jobs...Hell man I am 4 months behind in my lawn mower payment two months behind on my truck payment...Hell I am trying everything to get back on my feet...Don't Quit Don't Quit Brother......

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