Alot of Personal Shindaiwa Equipment For Sale

Shindaiwa / Echo Dealer

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Kittanning, PA
T230XB with blade already on $125
EB8510RT $450.00
357 saw w/ unknown bar length $225
357 saw w/ 18 bar $225
450 saw w/ unknown bar length $75
757 saw w/ 24 inch bar $450
DH2510-24 $375
AH2510 $425
RS76 spreader w/ homemade hopper extension so 2 full 50# bags will fit $250
LE231 MINT CONDITION I used this for about 5 minutes $300

And an Echo:
PPT-260 $475

All is personally owned, never used commercially. Located just north of Pittsburgh, PA. Will attempt to get pictures of everything else soon. Send PM if interested.

357 1 #1.jpg

450 #1.jpg

LE231 #1.jpg

Shin. 357 #1.jpg


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if you were closer i would jump on that LE231, they dont make them like that anymore