Alpo Story #1


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Welp, I have a story to tell you guys.. Its nothing fancy but interesting and just thought Id like to share with you guys!

Tmrw I am going to be meeting an elderly lady at 1330 to discuss some maintenance work on 5 of her residential houses, these houses are in a 500k and upwards area, I haven't seen the houses yet but I can tell by the location...

She pays people $12/h to do maintennace work on her 5 houses, meaning she puts an ad in the paper for a JOB to take care of her houses!

(Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, edgining, garden bed work, the maintnenace stuff)

I proceeded to call her on this and we had a conversation and she told me, she will be looking for someone next week to take care of the houses..

I told her, I am an owenr of a maintenance/landscaping company that does maintnenace and landscape work.

She goes oh okay, well would you be interested in working for me at $12/h I will provide all the quipmment for you to use!

I was like uhh, no sorry, I use commercial equipment and I do not want to use other people's equipment because I am familiar with my equipment!

Anyways, I will be meeting with her tmrw and discussing how we can work this!

I can't believe some people! especially, elders!


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Well, IMO it sounds like she is going to be a PITA. Maybe you can talk to her though and get a feel as to what she wants done and if you will be able to make a profit. It sounds like she def. has money, it's just whether she wants to spend a little of it or not!


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LoL reminds of a old lady I meet with a few years back. I go to look at her yard 30 minutes in and out $30 I tell her. Her reply "Don't charge by the hour" No I don't "THE last guy charged me $5 and hour" uper scale area to boot. Some people amaze me.


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WASTE OF TIME. PITA too. RUN! She wants someone to work for $12 per hour, maybe she can get a high school kid. $12 doesn't come close to covering the EQUIPMENT COST on my trailer. What's gas cost in Canada now? $1.77 in Indy, cost you $12 to get to and from her properties!

Your only hope that she leaves you alot of money in her will, and hope that it is in US DOLLARS and not CANADIAN!!!


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Sounds like the time I got a lead on a guy that was looking for someone dependible to take care of 15 properties. He said he had trouble finding someone that could keep up with them and realized he was going to have to spend real money. It sounded promising so I looked at them (all 15 of them). When I called him back he said he was offering 10 bucks a piece every two weeks and that was a huge increase considering his current guys made 7 bucks a lot once a month. He couldn't believe I was willing to pass on his offer.


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Originally posted by Randy Scott
She's not looking for a lawn service, she's looking for an employee. Why would you even waste your time entertaining this with her?


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<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>Run away as fast as you can from this old broad.She doesn't want a professional lawn service, she wants a indentured servant.RUN, don't walk from her...<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>