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Already searched Sales letters


LawnSite Senior Member
Of those people who have attempted to do sales letters. Any advice?

I have a farm list of 1000 homes that I want to irritate the hell out of until they either tell me to stop mailing them or sign up for service. I have already hit them with 2 rounds of postcards and now I am thinking of changing it up a bit and doing some letters, or maybe just mailing them flyers.

One thing I would like to accomplish with the letters to do is to try to get people who will not use my services to ask to be removed from my list. This way I can pull their names and replace them with someone new. I almost thinking that I may just put in big letters on the envelope. "Sick of Junk mail? Instuctions inside on how to be removed." or something to that effect.

I'm a big fan of long copy advertizing. I have hit them with 2 rounds of postcards and only recieved one email, and no calls. So I'm thinking now I need to give them some info and speak to them on a more personal level.

Any advice or samples?