Already wanting to ditch the 2500HD for something with better fuel economy...

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jason Rose, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Junior M

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    hate to tell you but unless you get an older yota with a 22re in it(4cylinder) your not going to see great mileage out of any smaller truck with a v6 in it.

    I thought I would do the same, save puttin fuel in the 2500 and drive a Dakota around. To bad I am only getting 15mpg out of the Dodge dakota and a bunch of headaches.. :wall
  2. GravelyGuy

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    I'm not trying to sell you on a truck, I'm just trying to help.The Tundra is very finicky with it's MPG. Small changes (mainly your right foot)have a big impact on your MPG, as with most high HP engines.

    I was easily able to get over 15 MPG on the highway before I changed the stock tires to heavy Toyo 10 plys. They dropped my MPG a lot. At 65, there was times when I used to be able to get 19+ MPG out of the T. City driving at least 14 MPG.

    My new F250 has averaged around 10 MPG per tank since new, so I do feel your pain, but I think you will regret the downgrade.
  3. exmark614

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    Getting the gasser was your mistake. Trade in the 08 gasser and get a pre emissions diesel. You will see your fuel mileage sky rocket, especially with a light economy tuner. And what truck do you run for estimates? I'm guessing the 08 because I can't imagine you'd use a dump truck, I don't know what your operation is like, but if you are not in the field and you're in the office and doing estimates all day, the diesel will get better mileage, however they do cost a bit more to maintain, but if you do ever decide to buy a camper or if you dodge dump's tranny goes out or something, you can use the diesel.
  4. mike lane lawn care

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    I feel your pain, I have the 2005 version of your truck, I love it, but cry at the pump. I stated doing errands and driving to best buy (my full time job) in the Toyota and saving the truck for trips and work. It has done 2 things, saved me a bunch of fuel, and saved wear on the truck. In fact I saved so much money doing this that I am going to be able to afford new rims and tires in the spring, just out of the fuel savings!
  5. TXNSLighting

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    As some of you im on vaca in NC right now. We drove my 09 F-150 up here. its got the 4.6l 3v engine and we averaged 20.3 mpg comin up here. I think thats quite awesome. So i highly recommend the F150 Jason. Or trade it for a Duramax.
  6. PLS-Tx

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    Man, that's great.

    If it were me I would go with a F-150, no way would I ever want to drive a small truck again.

    Jason, I'm thinking I read some time back that you said you are not a small guy.

    Do yourself a favor and go with a 1/2 ton.:)
  7. Cummins343

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    Buy a diesel.
  8. Jason Rose

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    Drove a F-150 today that had quite a few options, leather, sunroof, etc. What a POS. No thanks. And they want WAY too much for it for having crap for options.

    I think I'm down to just keepig what I have. Diesels are too hard to come by, and one with low miles and options are insanely overpriced because everyone wants them. 1/2 ton are easier to find, but most have 40K+ miles.
  9. Junior M

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    can you put exhaust on the Chevy?

    I am asking because there are simple solutions to help gas mileage, if they dont effect your warranty..
  10. Jason Rose

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    Perhaps I should try the exhaust next. I didn't want to throw anymore money at this truck since I didn't *really* like it. But after driving the competition I realize just how NICE my GMC is.

    Now, if I could find a Chevy/GMC just like mine in a Diesel, with leather, and the fold down console... But it would be a LOT more money...

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