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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by drumbo, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. drumbo

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    So...we have always used Exmarks. Liked them as much as one can be loyal/fanatic about their equipment.

    THEN, there is this ginormous industrial account that we maintain that my guys hate. It takes over 4-5 hours for 4 guys to complete. It has an open field that must be moonlighting as a mole farm and it has wash-out that makes the poor sap mowing it toss his cookies.

    We rarely look forward to doing this property.

    Then, one of my friends (who works as a salesman for John Deere) says, "I know that you think Exmark is the best thing since sliced peanut butter, but why don't you just try our JD 797 72inch 29hp DFI mower on your toughest job for kicks?"

    We went to the job we " loved " and put that mower on the worst part. We got the entire job done in around 2 hours (A RECORD) and that mower FLIES! AND it cuts!

    I have Exmarks and I must say, I think I slowly converting to the green side.... *trucewhiteflag*

    Anyone else impressed like this? I love my Exmarks...always have, always will. BUT I am, dare I say it, THINKING about a Deere??? I would NEVER by a mower because of its color and I must say that if I pull the trigger on this mower, I can still make that claim!
  2. ncls

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    Try a Ferris. The 4 wheel suspension will coddle your kidneys. :laugh:
  3. drumbo

    drumbo LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't have a dealer for those anywhere close.

    We have Deere, Exmark, Dixie, and about an hour away we have Walker & Hustler....

    And some others...(like Cub Crappett)
  4. DuraCutter

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    I'm also on the green side. I don't prefer machines just for color, but there has never been anything that I've bought that's Jonh Deere that has not been top notch. I own a lot of other equipment that isn't deere, such as New Holland, Karcher, Tennant, Ariens etc... but Jd stuff, it's built well. :)
  5. greengiant9963

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    I have have both exmark and John Deere ZTR's. Both exmark and Deere are nice machines in my opinion. But hands down my next mower would be a John Deere. Main reason deck design.
  6. tallimeca

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    what are you using for a machine? Maybe you are buying/being sold, the wrong unit?

    I demoed a Lazer XS for Logan Airport in Boston. The field was about as rough as you can get from people driving on/through it. Not to mention the stuff I was cutting was a foot high and thick as hell.

    Machine went through it like nothing, it was crazy. And the suspension seat is pretty sweet.

    I don't know what your price range is but if you aren't using one of these already, see if your dealer can round up a demo for you. If you like Exmark, why not give it a try.
  7. drumbo

    drumbo LawnSite Senior Member
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    The grass is is decent shape. They want it to look like it is taken care of.

    It's wide open and flat...except for the mole mounds and water erosion (appx 4-6 inches wide and several feet long--each). It is bumpy soil but looking out into the lawn, you really couldn't tell it.

    It was just the way that the finished look actually know what I mean? It wasn't about just cutting was about it looking fantastic enough that some employees contacted the purchasing guy (the one who contracted us) and told him how nice it looked! At a factory the employees thought enough of it to tell him???!!! That is next to unheard of.

    Either way, I need to invest in something new, and it appears that investment might be green.

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