Alt Fuel discusson, Hummer 0-60 in 6 seconds and gets 80 MPG?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Az Gardener, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Vegetable Oil conversion kits are readily available for a lot of vehicles. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of VW Jetta TDI's running around on fry oil, its a pretty liberal area.

    Here is a Forum dedicated to converting vehicles, and a thread on the Duramax:

    Usually it involves a separate tank, a fuel heater, and some modifications to the fuel lines.
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    Great link Mr. water. Thank you!
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    Per the original post, the author described putting a duramax diesel and an allison transmision into a Hummer (aftermarket). Just a quick question, how much does that cost? I figure it to be around 20K. That equates to 5,700 gallons of diesel at $3.50/gal. If you consider a 30 gallon tank at 16mpg for the factory Hummer you're looking at 190 tanks of fuel at a total mileage of 91,000 miles. That's just to put the new engine and transmission in the Hummer. Hardly seems worth it.

    If I were this guy, I would buy the Biodiesel plant and put it in my garage and make my own fuel. Regardless of fuel consumption I would come out WAY ahead. Lastly, you CANNOT take spent/used cooking oil and filter it through blue jeans and NOT expect to have problems in a diesel engine. Just like the two previous posts, there is a lot more to making biodiesel. The biggest thing is getting the sugars out of the oil. The next thing, water. Look, biodiesel is a good alternative to diesel. This original post is cost prohibitive and sketchy at best. JMO
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    Trust me if detroit could get that kind of mileage, and maintain power especially with fuel prices the way they are, don't you think they be doing it so they could sell a boatload of cars/trucks....
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  6. JoeyD

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    Whats the difference in Fuel Mileage and Fuel Economy?
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    Fuel mileage being how many gallons a particular vehicle is able to travel on a stated amount of fuel, usually one mile. In this case, he speaks of Fuel Economy, the cost to be able to travel the distance with the stated amount of fuel.

    Example 1. Buys H1. Leaves it alone. Gets 8 mpg. He'll spend about $38k on fuel to drive 100k miles.

    Example 2. Buys H1. Gets 8 mpg. Decides to buy a $7k motor and $3k tranny. Spends $500 on a home vegetable oil conversion kit. Now gets 16 mpg. Spent about $10k plus labor, plus the veggie kit, to double his mileage. While he does use less fuel, the economics of it are poor, because he would have been able to buy over 3300 gallons of gasoline. He would have been able to travel 26,400 miles on the money he spent buying this stuff. He will save approximately the cost of the conversion in 100k miles. That's assuming diesel fuel remains at approximately the same cost vs. cost ratio to gasoline.
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    Veggie oil strained through blue jeans? Please tell me you don't believe that load of BS. He's a top mechanic and the best straining tool he can come up with is blue jeans? LMAO. Even if this was true, the guy would be a complete idiot.

    Veggie oil doesn't burn any hotter than diesel, propane injection, on the other hand, does. Sounds like this guy we're talking about is making a killing converting vehicles for morons.

    There are physics calculations to determine the amount of power needed to move an object from a stop and sustain a constant speed. We did some basic calculations in my physics class last week. We were calculating the amount of energy, in watts, that were needed to get a vehicle moving and sustain its speed. I'm sure there's some sort of conversion somewhere to figure out how much fuel it would take to produce so many watts of power. 32 MPG from a Hummer doesn't seem realistic to me.
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    heck a ford escape hybrid can barely squeek out 30 mpg....
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    Spending tons of money on the H1 doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary for some people. I doubt cost (or even mileage for economy's sake) is the objective on a Duramax swap into one of those. Being able to pass every other filling station without stopping to fill up (better range, convenience) and get from 0 to 60 in less than a half minute (better performance) seem like more likely motives.

    I would bet the quip about "filtering veg oil through jeans" was just a "aw shucks" way to refer to a more elaborate scheme for making biodiesel.

    And there are ways to improve the performance and economy of what comes from the factory, but it costs more in time and attention to detail. Auto manufacturers are hard pressed to not only make vehicles to basic standards but to make a LOT of them every year, hundreds or thousands every day. A good mechanic could get a lot of improvements to an individual vehicle to make it perform much better, but on a mass scale there would be no way to implement these improvements in a cost-effective way. No way I want some collective bargain guy massaging the ports or tinkering with the fuel map firmware etc... on my truck. Tuning a car or truck to an individual's specific purposes is just not something that can be done by the manufacturer.

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