Alt Fuel discusson, Hummer 0-60 in 6 seconds and gets 80 MPG?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Az Gardener, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. hosejockey2002

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    Fuel mileage= miles per gallon

    Fuel economy= miles per dollar
  2. JoeyD

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    Ahhhhhhh.........No such thing as Fuel Economy in Southern California!! LOL
  3. topsites

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    It's not a hoax but more than a few hypermiling applications are not practical when taking safety and everyday considerations into account. There are competitions out there with guys getting dang near 200mpg per gallon of fuel but we're also talking about over-inflating tires 40 and 50% past recommended... It's not just very unsafe but this won't work for everyday driving, neither will rolling through red lights when the intersection is deserted, thou both do increase mpg drastically.

    I've taken trucks rated for 8-10mpg to 14 before, a lot is in the driving and the tuning of the engine (parts, specifically).

    Now if you have an open mind and a bit of horse sense to keep you from plugging up your intake and your exhaust while heating the fuel (no kidding), then perhaps this site is a good place for starters:

    I myself am a hypermiler, my most common techniques are EOC (Engine Off Coast / Glide) and DWB (Driving without Brakes).
    These two techniques are likely the biggest mpg boosters, along with a very light foot, but it takes practice.

    No, they wouldn't.
    For as long as I've been driving what comes off the assembly line is sub standard quality. Crappy 7mm ignition wires and a standard cap and rotor for starters don't even deliver 100% of the spark, maybe 80 or 90% at best... Then the air filter is usually another piece of work with corrugated duct work and other illogical air flow obstructions...

    Granted an aluminum header is more expensive, but why can't they shape a steel header correctly for optimal flow to begin with, why do they stick these square exhaust manifolds on cars where air has to round sharp edges to get OUT? Why can't they smooth these things out, it's a machined application so all it would take is a one-time study and set it up and from there you get every last manifold shaped just right, hey what a stroke of genius but somehow I suspect I'm hardly the first brilliant mind. :laugh:

    What would it take to get these folks to put 8mm or better yet 10mm wires on cars in the first place, a high performance cap and rotor ought to be the only thing sold anymore (it's only $5 more) and how about opening up the intake so the engine can get some air flow? Heck, a Mr. Gasket high performance filter is $20 and it improves performance you can feel, to me an engine that's optimized for performance always gets better mpg so long drivers can keep their foot off the throttle.

    What are we talking about here, an extra 3-400 dollars by the time it hits the dealership, wow the car's $30,000 anyhow
    so what difference does it make?

    But this has been going on since at least the 60's, so unfortunately I'm far past holding my breath.
  4. CPOonfinal

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    Someone help me out, when was the last car, sold in America, produced using a rotor cap and rotor?
  5. Dirty Water

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    I don't think TopSites has looked under the hood of a car made since '95 or so.

    Intake and Exhaust manifolds have been radically tuned on most stock cars these days, they also all seem to use direct Coil on Plug ignition.

    Aftermarket manifolds can actually hurt economy, There is a lot of science that goes into tuning the runner lengths. Certainly a lot more than some average joe with a die grinder trying to smooth out ports.

    TopSites, modern vehicles actually have some roughness on the intake manifold and ports because it helps with fuel atomization.
  6. wellbuilt

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    There is a guy that is making fuel out of fry oil. It costs $39 bucks to get the info and fuel additive. His system dose not need to be cooked down. you just mix in 4 house hold supplies filter the oil , add the fuel additive and dump it in the truck.sound to good to be true (and probably is) but i think for 39 bucks it would make good reading . I am trying propane injection .I have all the parts and mite drop it in the truck on sunday.I no the propane gives you lots of extra power and that would be nice. Im hoping for more MPD. I have a ford LCF with a power stroke I get around 16 mpg.If i have a heavy load i get about 10 mpg .
  7. Az Gardener

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    I know someone who did the propane injection on a ford F-350 it would only work when the turbo was kicked in and it did increase his power. The only problem was he burnt up his transmission within a few months. A little too much power evidently. You might try natural gas, it is easier to ignite than the propane so possibly you could get it to work at lower speeds.

    I too am probably going to try the diesel secret stuff. I blew that much money tonight on "entertainment" with -0- ROI.
  8. topsites

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    You speak the same language the dealers speak which tells me that's likely where you got it from, but that's like a sheep asking the wolf if it's true that wolves eat sheep... For direct coil to work you need 8 coils for an 8 cylinder and I have seen a FEW like that, the '91 bmw 318 came with it but are they high performance coils and are the wires 8+mm? We'll never know, bmw won't let anyone make aftermarket wires or coils, so there's no comparison testing.
    Most likely they're not and don't even start with the garbage about factory wires are so good because they're not, in the case of the bmw at the tune of $300 a set they might be but for every other car it's just the dealer talking because he wants to sell the vehicle, to you or anyone else comes along asking, of course your car is different but everyone else's is not, yeah right.

    Why would I believe a new car is better, of course it's newer so that helps, but in and of itself that's not enough.
    I have 400 horses in mine and get 11mpg with a gross empty weight of 3.61 tons, and I suspect the luxury cost me (club cab and a/c) but my 1986 outfit only weighed 2.7 tons empty (with trailer) so you're going to convince me the aluminum and plastics made my newer truck lighter, and if in 9 years no improvement was made that it did happen in the past 12 when it hasn't happened since cars first started being manufactured?


    Of course the vehicles have more power and to a point better mpg, rail injections and computers take care of that, as do larger engines, but that's all they've ever done is stick a bigger engine under the hood AND dump more fuel down the throat, then spout off technological nonsense to make the uneducated believe that somehow a miracle has happened when in reality nothing has changed, so why would things change now?

    I'll take a look sometime, but I already know I'm wasting my time expecting to see something other than what I already suspect is under there, and on that note I'm not even bothering because I don't get paid enough to waste my time.
  9. CPOonfinal

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    My head hurts.......
  10. GravelyNut

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    You want to come look at my 2001 Silverado 3500? 8.1L V-8 and has a coil for each cylinder. Yep, that's right, 8 of them. And it came that way from the factory. Best mileage to date is in the 14-15 MPG range with a load. And that is a truck that weighs in empty at 3.5 tons. I've driven a van ( 1977 Chevy Caravan ) with a 350 that couldn't get that good a mileage, empty. My 1991 G-20 with a 5.7L only got a best of 20MPG empty and weighed 1/2 what this truck does. Things have changed. The 77 and the 2001 both have the same rearend gearing too. 4.10:1.

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