1. mick

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    My altenator is going out on my K2500 GMC 4x4. I think the extra load from the Meyer angle plow helped it along. I tried the auto stores and the biggest ones they sell for my brackets is 65 amp. I can order 1 from a shop that is 95 amp for twice the money which I dont mind if I need it. My truck is straight with no air cond. It has 2 new batteries totaling 1600 cca. The electric shop recomends the 95 amp. What do you folks think?....mick
  2. DaveO

    DaveO LawnSite Member
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    Mick,<p>I'd probably go for the 95 amp alternator. 65 amps is a little low for a truck in my opinion. Just for your info I measured the current draw on a 6.5 ft blade on a Toyota before. While lifting it drew 90 amps and when topped out it surged over 200 amps. Thats why having 2 batteries is important. They take the hit and the alternator replenishes them asap. If you add up all the circuits that are drawing current you might be surprised. Just a guess:<p>Ignition 10A<br>Lights 10A<br>Heater 8A<br>Wipers 8A<br>Beacon 5A<br>Radio 2A<br>Brake Lts 5A<p>Total 48A <br>This is not including power windows,etc.<p>Then add the drain everytime you move your blade if it is an electric/hydro..<p>Dave<br>
  3. mick

    mick LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Dave excellent info. I think the 95 is whats needed!........mick
  4. thelawnguy

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    Get an alternator from a 9c1 Caprice I believe they are 120-135 amp and will bolt right up, lots in the junkyards just get the brackets with it.<p>Bill
  5. mick

    mick LawnSite Member
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    I installed the 95 amp on Friday. The shop said it actualy produces 103 amp on tester. It seems to help alot. The recovery is much faster. Thank for the help folks!!!.......mick

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