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    Alternative Fuel Lawn Care goes national by offering self-installed conversion kits
    Gasoline to Propane or CNG for commercial mowing units now available ​

    Kits for conversion of a gasoline mower to use propane range in price $250 - $750 dependent upon engine size and model. Conversions help to reduce operating costs through fuel and maintenance savings as well as reducing emissions. A typical commercial mower will save over $1000 annually per unit they convert to propane.

    Components vary but a typical conversion kit includes: couplings, fuel lines, lock off solenoid, regulator, filer, wires, protective coverings, tank mounting brackets and other required components for installation. Bi-fuel options are available for those who choose to leave gasoline as an option.

    • Costs average 30 to 40% less per gallon than gasoline
    • Delivered tank exchange services reduce refueling trips
    • Over 88% of propane used domestically produced in the USA
    • Spillage and theft are virtually non-existent
    • Propane is in many ways safer to handle than gasoline
    • Mowers can operate on Ozone Action Days
    • Will not go stale when stored
    • Engine life is extended
    • Will not wash cylinder walls thus oil life extended and routine maintenance costs reduced
    • Companies take a step in becoming environmentally friendly

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    He is right and we are responding as the first 100 percent alternative fuel company on the planet for landscape maintenance as well as snow and ice management. Go Green, power up with Green Propane Power.

    Eric Hansen, President
    Competitive Lawn Service, Inc.
    Downers Grove IL 60515

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