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    I have a gravely hd52 that i am going to do my first hydro oil change on. The filter # is 21545100 . does anyone know a cross reference filter that will fit it from an auto store. I usually use wix filters but cant get a cross reference. also it says use 20w50 motor oil with an sl api classification. Not quite sure what that means. I use rotella oil in all my motors, would that work?
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    The hydro system is one system I wouldn't play with..use the oil it says and the proper micron filter.
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  3. BigFish

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    You should use 20w 50 motor oil in it. "SL" is just the API oil classification from about 2001 - 2004 or so. Today's oil is "SN" rated.
    If the Rotella is 20w50 then use it. If it ain't, then don't use it.
    But, hey, it's your unit, put what ya want in it.
  4. Oldtimer

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    Use the OEM hydro filter & I would use the eXmark hydro oil.

  5. mow4cash

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    I would use oem. I don't think you will be able to find a better filter aftermarket, let alone the correct specs.

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