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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by curry, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. curry

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    I decided to add pressure washing to my lawn business. I decided to do direct mailing but didn't like how it would look. I wanted it to look more "personal". I wanted it to look like I sent it to them. I just dont like postcards or mass mailers. I have one gated community that I wanted to go after. There is probably 400 houses. I then went to the county's district clerks website and copied and pasted the addresses from this subdivision. I sent out about 250. All I did was type up a letter explaining about pressure washing and at the end I just mentioned something about lawn maintenance. Seeing as I didn't mail these out until the middle of June I didn't think I would get any calls about mowing. To my surprise Ive already got 5 calls for full lawn maintenance and landed all five jobs. Not bad for this late in the season. I didn't get any for pressure washing but I will keep at it. The cost was approximately $250. I had my sons stuff them and stamp them. I'm looking forward to sending out letters at the end of February next year. I think I may include one of those calender magnets with my letters next time. My name will stay with them longer if its on the fridge. What do yall think.
  2. General Landscaping

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    Hit the other 150 for lawn maintenance with a sidebar for pressure washing..... just to see what happens.
  3. curry

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    I would but thats all the addresses I could find on the site. Ownership changes regularly on some of these homes. That would be a good idea though. I wish I knew how good the lawn maintenance side of it would have been. I would have just done that and tried to upsale pressure washing once I got them. Oh well, live and learn
  4. themowerman

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    I love those direct mailers....especially the ones with a self address stamped envelope. I take the self addressed stamped envelope and send it back with all of the direct mailers from everyone else I got in the mail. Takes less space in the circular file......LOL
  5. Woodland

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    I've done the same these past two years. Rather than a tacky postcard that nobody reads, I put a letter or flyer in an envelope with my company name and address and the homeowners name and address on the envelope. None of those one that you get with no return address on it or the ones addressed to "Sensible Driver" (that doesn't apply to anyone in my house, guess where it goes!). I've had a pretty good response from them and it costs quite a bit less than the newspaper.
  6. curry

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    Thats exactly what Im talking about. I have a return address, the homeowners name, and a "real" stamp on it. In my opinion you need to at least get the envelope opened by the customer and this is the best way I know how. Thats half the battle. Everybody has their own way of doing things. this works best for me. You wouldnt want to do this if you have several K's because it would cost to much. Like I said, I only target this one location.

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