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Ive had it up to here with nextel. There coverage in my area stinks and the customer support is a joke. What do you guys use for communication. I like the alert feature with nextel. its nice to alert someone and the second they get of the mower they respond. The problem with just cell phones is that if there on a mower when i call,they don't hear it ringing.I am considering using cell phones and possible pagers. Is therea better way

Thanks Dan


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I have a Nextel also. A couple of years ago I got my Nextel and had the same problems as you so I got rid of them and went to Sprint. Now I am back with Nextel again! Heres what I think: ALL WIRELESS SERVICE PROVIDERS SUCK! While if you switch to a different company (and many have the 2-way radios now) you will find something about them that you don't like. One thing I do like about Nextel is that they have some of the toughest construction and military grade phones on the market and are great for our business.

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The few problems I have with the NexTels could never out weigh the benefits of them. jmo


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I use alltel. Just have them check for missed calls. Mine beeps for it. I have unlimited local calling for $69 per month. Good call clarity, and very few lost calls.

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I have reception problems with my nextel. I don't get service in my basement, office, or at my school.


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In the part of Virginia I live in all tell rules here, In the cities some of the others are better but not out in the country where i live and work mainly


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Have you had your handset serviced? There is a little piece of metal inside that helps with your frequency. If it popped off you will not have a very good signal. Hope this helps.


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Don't know how true it is, but a friend of mine told me that a lot of the cellular phones now have the push to talk button on them because the nextel copyright for their ptt is about to expire and all the phone companies will be able to have them. Just FYI, anyone else know about this?
I have an Alltell phone with touch to talk feature. In other words it's just like Nextel, but I like it much better.

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