Altoz 72" 37hp first cut review and pics! My real first review on here...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by retrodog, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Ok guys, before I start this I will say I am a cutter turned dealer. Not only did I become my own dealer, I have in the last few years become one of the largest volume out there... I will say we are in ne texas so I have no pretty striping grasses we have dallas, bahaia (which I cut today), st augustine (which in most catagories is a weed happens to be one of our, and bermuda. This first cut was dallas and bahaia that in some places waist high with a fresh downpour just last nite.

    Ok, I first asked about altoz after seeing pics, after researching the company called for a demo. Rep shows up in one of the wordt rains we have ever had, I still demoed in pouring down posted pics on facebook and asked if anyone was interested I figure if I got a few deposits I would order some and become a dealer to actually get my hands on one.
    I get my parts box in first, bought everything I could think of that could go out. Was blown away by the quality of each part and pricing, the parts were great and prices werent near as bad as you would think. Unloaded my first 6 this morning, loved how they were wrapped up on pallets and loved the attention we got today from them. Every lco that drove by called me on my cell and asked what the hell I had out
    After filling up the tanks (around 11 gallons) I headed home to take the maiden voyage on my new 37hp dfi kawasaki xc720zi altoz. This mower retails for $14999 with a current rebate of 5% summer special makes it $14299 cash price, or $346 a month with 0% for 48 months $0 down with all taxes and fees included. Hands down the smoothest sickest most detailed mower in the industry. I was driving home thinking if this mower cuts as good as it looks I will have a homerun on my hands....and praying actually after spending 70k on 6
    I felt like the guy in the video with my $500 custom oakley sunglasses going on, cool $60 bad boy mower shirt on, designer jeans, and my pride and joy oakley minute diamond watch gleaming in the sunlight as I cranked up my new bad a mower and drove it off my trailer. I noticed the neighbors dropped what they were doing and just stared weirdly at me.... I made my first 2 passes on my 3 acres with a half smile in low speed of course (19mph is definately not an option on my current and immediatley regretted my $6000 watch and $200 jeans I had on. I was blown away with the cut one of the best I have seen on my yard besides a zipper mower, but like the zipper mower gave me quite a bit of blow out from the front of the deck. Ride is not quite as good as a ferris or bad boy xp with grammer seat,but alomst identacle to the gravely 460. It didnt have the rattles I tend to hear on the scags, exmarks, gravelys from the deck hangers no sounds much like a bad boy. The precision you feel when driving this is amazing very smooth unlike the other machines with 5400's like the cheetah or bad boy outlaw.. not near as touchy. Absolutely love the parker hydraulic deck lift very fast and smooth dial is great too. I wish you could see all the internals on this mower and the lazer cutting detail along with a frame unlike any other. Change oil, huge opening to the filter and the drain. This was a true 1 time cut no pansy double or triple cutting before I took a pic to show I have the greatest thing on gods green grass....
    my one little issue kills my chances to sell to many of the people I was targeting like docs, lawyers, biz owners, until I can find out if there is a fix for the blow out, they will have to stick with the 4x rear discharge grasshopper mower. With this much its basically gonna be for the hardcore lcos that dont mind being covered in grass and dust...
    I am calling the factory first thing in the morning and will update my review as I mow more types of yards and conditions and if we get the blow out resolved...
    You are welcome to pm me any questions or text me you can pm for number. If you are curious yes I have 5 brands now....hustler gravely, bad boy, grasshopper and now yes altoz. I was worlds largest volume bb dealer in 12 and last year and this year #2. My competion has 300 employees and 5 interstate locations I have one location and in 12 had 1 employee, I now have 5 employees... 2 mechanics won nationals, one 2 years In a row, one of my mechanic was interned by stihl at 16. We all work our tails off here...
    my overall first impression of the mower...hands down I will bet my biz this has to be the best first year release mower from any company in existance! I cant wait to see what what they offer with some experience under their belt and 50000 mowers running around, if this is the worst they will ever make, I cant even comprehend what a little experience will give them. Most mowers I see feel almost like a copy of someone else, this feels like a formula 1 race car company decided that all other mowers suck and they would build something they actually would like to mow with... I think for some this will be in their garage or on the trailer in no time, for others they might opt for the new bad boy xp 36hp 72 coming out in september for $9000, but I tell them both to come on with it.
    I will post pics in the morning I cant with my cell for some reason...
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    Does this deck have the crossed blades under it? If so, I'd bet a lot of money that removing a set from each spindle will greatly reduce blowout, if not altogether eliminate it.
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    no this model just has the Gator G6 blades. The xblade is an option I don't think they offer it on any factory built mower without an upgradeĀ…. All six of the mowers we got in have the g 6 blades.
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    The mowers sure do look the part. In pictures anyways...speaking of pics, where are yours? I can't see them in the thread. I just bought a 52" G3 ZMaster, so am not looking for a mower, but the Altoz lineup has definitely caught my eye. It seems like they put the horse in front of the cart as far as their dealer network goes. They have almost no dealers! I think they could have done a better job of getting that set up before their roll out. It sounds like they have a nice product, but I couldn't buy one around here even if I wanted too.

    BTW, $6k for a quartz watch???!! Come on man, that's IWC, Omega, or Panerai money. You could probably get a decent, used Jaeger LeCoultre for that too. To each his own!
    Do keep us posted on the mower, and please post more pics
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    I can't recall what the front baffle looks like under the deck of those machines, but I know firsthand that G6's cause blowout under decks that are even remotely tight on the baffling. It's just something to do with their lift fin and the shredder teeth.
  6. retrodog

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    I will load pics tomorrow, my connection is not good at the house...

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    Oh yeah for 15 thousand I can make a racecar mower, too...
    The problem starts when you want a 60" under 9, suddenly all these energetic sales individuals make themselves hard to find.
    Suddenly the top speed drops down to 8mph and the deck sizes come down to around 52", that's if I'm lucky.

    But I am mildly surprised they let these Altoz's out the door for under $20.

    I suppose I'll stick to Gravely for my next one, if I make it that far.
  8. Apples

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    Very Cool Retro! We need some pics,and updates. Which of your mowers cover the most ground?
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    No Equine savings program of 26% like Toro/Exmark yet? All the top mower makers are pretty good and can be had with discounts for around 10,000. I bet their prices fall in line with other makers pretty quickly.
  10. retrodog

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    first little round of pics





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