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    for those of you that have them have you had any problems with the welds cracking? do you feel they are just as strong as metal? i have a 14' tandem axle and am considering a 14' aluminum single axle. i carry a 60" lazer and a 34" gravely rider you guys think the single axle will be fine as long as it is a 3500# rated axle? just dont want to buy something that will break carrying my mowers. thanks
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    I don't think the weight savings is worth the cost and having a trailer that won't haul as much. In a perfect world we'd all use aluminum trailers, but the cost just doesn't work out.
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    i think the problem is that they don't bend they break. al. has no fatigue life unless you bake it first, which is $$$$

    so you are going to spend more money for a delicate trailer...thats why you don't see them for com. landscape use.
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    I have a 6k equipment trailer. I've had some welds crack where the fenders meet the main frame. I need to have them rewelded but I haven't had any additional problems other than noticing the initial cracks.
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    to the OP: Aluminum is metal.
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    steel :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    I know another guy here localy that has had an all Aluminium lawn trailer for about 7 or 8 years now. Some years ago I asked him about it and he said the same thing about it breaking in places and being expensive to fix because not everyone has the tools and skill to weld it. He's still using it though, and it still looks decent from a distance.

    I really don't see how the weight difference between steel and alum. can be great enough to effect fuel useage or truck wear and tear. Only plus I see is that it never needs paint!
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    But steel is real!

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    well i think im just going to keep what i got. i just think the aluminum looks better is lighter should save a little fuel every little bit helps. i was going to get a pretty decent deal as far as price goes. but i dont want the headache. thanks for the replies

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