aluminum truckcraft dump insert


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auburn,new york
i am considering an aluminum truckcraft dump insert over a steel unit mainly for weight savings and the painting time.does anyone have an aluminum truckcraft?is it worth the extra money?also the dealer wants to sell me timbren load boosters for the rear of my 95 chevy k2500 hd.anyone have these?will they do the job of add a leaves?


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Galway, NY
TC120 on my 2001 Chevy 2500HD - Have been using this for three years and have only had one problem - solenoid that furnishes power to the pump motor went south - other than that it is a fine unit. I installed the Firestone air leveling system to keep the rear of the Chevy level when loaded. Timbrens or other device that keeps the body near level would be less expensive and IMHO do just as well.
Real nice to be able to back up and push a button to get rid of lawn trash at the end of a hard days work.


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