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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by heyharry1234, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hey guys how are we doing? Just a reminder to all block your wheels every time you crawl under a truck. Last year in April 7,2013 I was med flighted to Boston medical center. I was under my truck (1996 dodge ram 3500 dump) and it took off on me. I was dragged on my back for 50 feet. Took 90% of the skin off my back. Around my right shoulder blade I ground down everything to the bone and ground some of my shoulder blade on the pavement. I broke my shoulder, shoulder blade, collar bone, and ribs. I collapsed my right lung and tore my liver so bad they almost gave me a liver transplant. Was also given 4 pints of blood 2 pints of plasma. I had one sergury on my back, one on my shoulder, 3 on my lung, one very long sergury on my liver. I spent one month in the hospital and 3 on the couch. Then I spent the rest of my summer and some of fall fishing. Now I have my employee fix my truck. Be safe guys. The last thing any of us need is to make toe call to 911.
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    Hey man sorry to hear that
    What happened was the truck running:waving:
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    Sorry I should of wrote I was fighting with my girlfriend a few minutes before and I didn't think about blocking the wheels because of the fight. Went under truck to change u joint on rear driveshaft. I pulled driveshaft said oh f**k. Next thing I remember is being put into a helicopter. By the way I was alone and I guess what the cop told me I crawled to my phone called for help and was borderline dead when they showed up a few minutes after.
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    I'm glad your ok!

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Guy I used to work with was killed doing basically the same thing.
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    Good point you make there, while sitting around the table at lunch the other day we were talking about a similar situation that happened here (I'm a full-time firefighter/paramedic). Guy pulled his driveshaft and didn't chalk the wheels and it landed on him, wasn't seen because he was off the road and it was a Sunday at his shop, a passerby saw his feet beneath the vehicle, he wasn't so lucky. If this happened in Walpole, I know a few of the guys down there personally, one worked with me in Springfield, some good sh*t's. Really glad to hear you are ok after I'm sure a lot of surgery and rehab, and thank you for the reminder!
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    I feel ya. Had a jack roll after putting the back end up and not chocking the front end. Pinched my right bicep between the jack handle and my other truck. Got away with only 4 staples, lots of pain and bruising, and some lasting nerve damage in my forearm. It was a stupid mistake. I had been working on that truck a lot over the past few days and had been putting the front end in the air on jackstands first. But this time I did not put the front end up and so there was nothing holding it. I was very blessed that I didn't crush my body or head.

    +1 for safety!!
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    Parking break, chock the wheels, jack stands and leave the jack in place to help assist if something fails.

    If I am removing a wheel or wheels, I will place them under the rockers or somewhere that if the vehicle goes down, the wheels will catch it and give me a buffer space. Pieces of 6x6's can make great safety blocks to help cushion a vehicle fall.

    Glad you survived!

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