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I suppose the main thing I'd like to get in all of your heads is, each and every one of you, especially that always carry, is that you and solely you are responsible for every round that is discharged from a barrel.

A dogs life taken by a gun or not in no way shape or form, under legal statutes and public law, give you any free liability from the damage you do to another human or property. You the executor of that firearm will pay the price for the discharge of your weapon. (If you get caught of course, cause we know 99.9999% will never admit to their wrongdoing if not caught or generally even if caught.)

For the moment the OP should consider him/her self extremely lucky to not have been mauled by a dog, done property damage(he/she did not say at all if he even spent anytime scouring the scene for damage), and to not have hit another human or animal.

Also if the original poster is on good terms with that neighbor, why has the poster not took the simple step and 10 minutes of their time introducing oneself to the neighbors dog with or without them around? Not much trust and common sense in the good ole USA anymore that is for sure.


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My buddy has one. It looks huge compared to the YJ2.

Still looks like a cooking knife to me :D

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If a constitutional right hinges on your ability to use it
LOTS of people wouldn’t be allowed to talk.

as far as missing and having a weapon jam?
we have all been there.

8 feet away on a moving attacking animal
Have you done it before?
I can’t say that I have, so I can’t pick it apart , I’ve never done it, neither has he, he missed.

You’re right
It’s not because it’s dirty
I called that out

many people who buy 380s do so because they’re cheap, without knowing which gun it is, I can’t comment.
Ammo could be the culprit , no one can get consistent ammo right now, you’re lucky to get any at all.

Some people not talking wouldn’t be a bad thing. We’re not talking about constitutional rights here. I never said he shouldn’t own a gun or ever shoot one. What I said is some people shouldn’t carry everyday or they should be trained on how to use their weapon properly.

Yes, I have been in several of those type of situations just not in the middle of town. I can’t count how many times I’ve been ran up on by stray/ferrel dogs out hunting. I’ve had to shoot more than a handful and it’s not fun, especially from 10’ or less. Yes panic, adrenaline, etc. is a factor but it’s a training/familiarity problem, not a right to own or carry a weapon problem.

Owning and carrying a weapon is a right that had a lot of responsibility with it. When it’s used irresponsibly, that’s when the anti-gun lovers come out in full force. So, defending this situation is ludacris unless you want to help the people who want to take your guns.

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You had me on your side up until 1 shot 1 kill with a pistol. It isn't the movies or tv. The percentages of that actually happening are rather low in a defensive situation.

The 2nd Amendment doesn't say anything about taking a CCW class either.

I don’t believe I was talking about a movie. Maybe your just not as good with a weapon as myself or the fellas I hang around with? Hasn’t ever been an issue for us, it’s a responsibility. I’ve shot coyotes on the run with my recurve and my compound bow, on more than 1 occurrence, killing with 1 arrow. If you can’t hit your target, you need more practice, it’s not a hard concept.

You don’t have the right to walk into a private business with a firearm if they say no firearms. The constitution protects you from the gov’t, but not always from other citizens or there properties.
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