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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rmartin, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. rmartin

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    I have a customer that would like me to do their fertilization again this year. BUT last year when I took over the yard the lawn was a giant weed and dirt pit. After half way through the year they asked me to stop fertilizing because "THE TURTLES COME IN FROM THE LAKE AND LAY THEIR EGGS IN MY YARD"; whatever that was fine for me. This year they insist that I fertilize again. I told them it was a waste of money if they were going to stop treating it come the summer. The yard again looks like crap and would cost them $$$ to get it halfway decent. DO u just go ahead and treat it like they ask. I know money is money but still i feel like it is stealing. I do enough of that on my full time job working for the state.....:D
  2. Woody82986

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    Do it if they want it. If they are paying you to do what they want then i see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't do it. Unless you don't want the work. I know that people see you out there fertilizing their lawn and it looks bad on you if they quit the program and it looks like crap the rest of the year, but it boils down to whether or not you want the work.
  3. tiedeman

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    I thought that I had the only customer with turtles coming out of their pond. We had to work around those turtles last year, it was a pain.
  4. rmartin

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    from mass
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    the turtles are only the half of it. Try dodging the huge amounts of geese crap and the 40 bird feeders that are attatched to the house and trees. If I was the homeowner I couldnot see spending all the money to get my lawn looking good if i was so concerned with the damn turtles. But I'll take the money if they insist.
  5. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
    from earth
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    The worst was trying not to get any leaves into the pond during fall clean ups. They just about had a fit when leaves would get in there
  6. rmartin

    rmartin LawnSite Member
    from mass
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    i went back this past winter. Here it is about 20 degrees out raking in a beach and putting down sand for these things. It cost them quite a bit and i actually didnt mind it but I could think of about 100 other things to spend my $$ on than a turtle beach
  7. Jay Ray

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    Learned about getting organic debris in ponds the hard way. Weedeated about 450' all around my pond to get it looking good for the 4th of July. Had just bought the place and knew nothing about ponds. Started to rain so I left it overnight. Didn't know it should have been raked it out pronto. 400 channel cats dead in the morning. Vultures feasted for four days. The clippings in the water breakdown quickly and rob all the oxygen out of the water. If you see the first few dead fish you can lower a bush hog or even a push mower to the top of the water and beat oxygen into it. I put in a Koenders air pumping windmill to help prevent fishkill and freshen the water. A buddy drove pilings in his pond and bolted an old Murray riding mower to them -- just lowers the deck to the water and burns a tank of gas (never has to sharpen the blades). If a customer ever had a fishkill they would be concerned with leaves and even pine needles. Aquaculturists have a rule of thumb to trim only 10% of the shoreline of a pond at a time. Hope this helps someone not to do the asinine thing I did.
  8. sharpcutter

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    WOW, very interesting jay ray. I never knew tht about ponds.
  9. bobbygedd

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    this is exactly why YOU NEED TO SELL PROGRAMS, NOT "APPLICATIONS". they should all be pre paid, this way they can tell you to stop halfway through the season, and you lose nothing.
  10. jajwrigh

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    This year I am dealing with unhappy people...nothing pleases them and ironically these two accounts are on the same complaints anywhere else though....go figure

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