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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by geoscaper, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. geoscaper

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    I just got burned by an old lady for a bill. Her daughter, who I do work for called and asked if I if could take care of the snow on her drive and walkways. I don't own a plow, just a snowblower that I do a few residential driveways to break up the boredom and bring in a few bucks over the winter. I left her bill for $200. It was 8-12" of snow and ice that had been compacted down over a 3-4 day period. The job took me 3 hrs to do. I had to hand shovel the entire thing. She said that she almost passed out when she got the invoice out of the mailbox. She calls and says that she is not accustomed to paying that much for work. I told her to pay me what she thought was fair and to not call me for any future work. Chalk one up for experience. Any similar stories out there.
  2. danslawncare

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    Tell her not to drive on it!! DUH..compacted=work!
  3. cgland

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    We had a customer that we were doing a patio & retaining walls for and he asked us to install a French drain between him and the neighbors yard(200'x3'x3') We told him we would do it T&M and he agreed, because him and his neighbor were going to split the charges. Keep in mind that this is an affluent area. We finished the patio & walls and he paid us cash ($12K), but he wanted an invoice for the drainage work so he could show his neighbor. Well, I thought that we would cut him a break, because he is a repeat customer so we charged him for materials and to cover our labor (no profit). The total came out to $3K! When he saw this he practically fainted! He said..."Are you kidding me? I'm not paying this! This is crazy! You better go home and sharpen your pencil and refigure this bill! I then explained to him that we are not even making any money on it because we appreciated his past business. He was still irrate, so I told him that the only pencil sharpeningi was going to do was when I filed at small claims court! Believe me, I tried everything I could to be as nice as possible, but I will not (or better yet, CAN NOT) lose money on a job. Well........he paid, but I doubt I will hear from him again. You win some and you lose some! :confused:

  4. PLM-1

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    Excuse my stupidity...T&M = time & materials???
  5. WeatherMan

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    What part of Cincy do you work in?
  6. cgland

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    You got it!
  7. Tn Lawn Man

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    Ok curiosity has got me.

    How much did she send?
  8. geoscaper

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    Tn lawm man:y bad she sent me a check for $60. It said 3hrs at $20 an hr = $60.
    Weatherman I do work all over cincy. East and west sides. Not much in northern cincy or ny ky.

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