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    I am on my last job of the day, a premium residential, and a nice new SUV passes my legally parked truck. Well dressed mom and kids inside, she is shaking her fist and making the "move 'em out sign" like an old cowboy.

    I figure she's the neighbor and I've blown some clippings in her lawn or whatever. I smile a big toothy grin and wave politely. She pulls in next door, so I ride on over:

    me- "Sorry if I've encroached on your property, blah, blah..."
    her- " Oh, no, I just worry that the kids who speed through here will hit your truck. you should park on the other curb."
    me- "I never realized there was a problem, next week I will park over there."
    her- "OK. Hey, can you add me to your route?"

    We talk money and bam, she is my newest account.

    Keep smiling lads, resist the urge to smack 'em with your shovel!

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