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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. topsites

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    Got this one who has called twice to complain about how horrible the yard looks,
    which I told him it looks no worse than it ever did, he starts off talking about how it
    looks so much worse now (in June) than when he moved in back in October of last year...

    Bit of background...
    The owners of this house bought a new house and moved last year, they kept this property
    as they planned to rent it out rather than sell it, and this guy's the renter.
    So not only do I service this property owner's new property, but I've been taking care of this yard since way back when.

    And some might say why, how convenient, but the guy himself decided he wanted me to service it, he even called me specifically just for that.

    Back to the story...
    Goes on to tell me that we've had plenty of rain (which we have not, we're 35% short on rainfall according to NWS Wakefield)
    so that's why he never turned on the irrigation system and does not see why that would make a difference.

    As I tell him again the yard looks no worse than it has ever looked in years past, he tells me I must be "mowing too much."
    Can't remember what else but it got to where I just replied with monosyllabic answers until he finally got tired and hung up.

    Not that this needs to be said, but I was pretty pissed.

    I get home and start working on schedules and deposits.
    Lo and behold what do I find?
    This guy is 30+ days out not having paid for services.
    Go figure.

    The funny part of it?
    If he hadn't said a word it might have took longer before I caught it
    and I wouldn't have been near as quick to send it to collections either.

    Sorry, just had to let that out.
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  2. Big C

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    Broke people make the best winers
  3. JoeHop6299

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    It's always the one that have the least that ***** and complain the most, Huh? I too cuts some rentles, I know what you are going through.
  4. topsites

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    Thanks guys, that helps.

    He's not my only renter, I know some folks say they're all trouble but I don't see that,
    granted some are but then so are some home owners, I take all of my customers on a case
    by case basis, some are easier, some not so, and then there's the few who mean trouble.

    The reason it made me so mad is that there are so many holes in that story,
    the more I think about it the worse it gets, now I remember him mentioning
    that the HOA was going to fine him (I call this pulling rank) and it just keeps
    getting better.

    I could hardly get a word in, I really did want to poke several holes in the story but every attempt to explain
    things decently was immediately countered with more of the same, like he was just out picking a fight.
    The phone call before this one wasn't much better in ways of effective communication.

    Meanwhile I was trying to figure out what was really going on!
    Because NOBODY comes up with this off the wall stuff for no reason, unless maybe if they're drunk or on drugs lol

    So at first I thought he had concocted this scheme to get rid of me as some
    folks do, rather than just say they no longer require of my services, how that goes.

    But no, apparently it's payment problems.
    It does figure.
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  5. JoeHop6299

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    Cheer-up today is a new day!! Someone else will be bragging on you today. You can't always be everybodies Hero.
  6. TheC-Master

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    I have a customer who I have to go to collections on and he hasn't paid. I was trying to help him out... and lo and behold he makes it seem like I am ripping him off and tries to drop the price. I tried to work with him and he still didn't pay. So I know the next step. I always get my money.

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