Alzheimer´s or Heat Stroke????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jul 31, 2002.


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    Mowed 15 yards (solo) yesterday and was driving home when I passed one of my accounts and noticed someone had mowed it. I had to slow down and do a double take. Then it dawned on me. That account was the first one I mowed that day!!!! Is 38 too young to get Alzheimer´s??? Anyone else experiencing this or is it just seasonal burnout syndrome????

  2. crazygator

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    Did it look like he did a good job?......:D

    The only time to worry is when you look it over, see someone did the job already and you never think anything else about it. Then go to Doc!
  3. script

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    Hey lawns and mower, I drove up and took care of that yard for ya, so just send the check this way. Lol.

    I'm 37 and while doing my paperwork at night I'll see a yard on my schedule that I did that day, and have to take a moment because I can't remember doing it. Maybe a little of both the heat and the age.

  4. Dennis E.

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    It's called CRS. I have it too. Like walking around for 30 minutes looking for the sunglasses and they are on top of my head!:rolleyes:
    (CRS-Can't remember @#$%):D ;)
  6. olfrt

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    We had someone mow one of our yards this week by mistake. They missed their yard by two houses cut it to short and left the grass lay on the dirveway and every where else.

    Gee Thanks :angry:

    It don"t happen to often but when it does we can tell that walker of ours leaves the grass like a carpet and looking good with built in stripping and all.
  7. beck

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    My guys gave away a free cut this year. It is in a neighbourhood with only 9 homes. Another company had 4 yards in there at one time, but now he is down to one and we have 3. :D
    One of the first weeks in the spring after just picking up our third we started cutting i did the #2 and told my employees to do #7 (the newest yard) and #5 (the yard we started with in the neighbourhood)
    House #6 is cut by the other company and of course it has stripes so my guys started cutting it. After I came back from the house I cut I see my guy in the middle of their yard(6) cutting.
    We ended up finishing the yard and I tried to call to explain to the company but they never returned the call. Later we talked and they said when they drove up they thought we took their last yard.
    Then the question I posed to my employee is if you were planning on cutting all 3 in a row (no fences) why not go from one end to the other, instead of cutting one yard at a time.
  8. ProMo

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    tru green has new people about once a month and they usually mow the two offices i have next door the manager was laughing because i pointed an area they missed and the guys redid it for me
  9. Hawkeye5

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    Promo: Thanks for the chuckle, thats rich!! JD
  10. thfireman

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    I had a brain cramp last year and mowed a property 2 weeks in a row. The problem was that the company had moved and no longer leased the property. I was supposed to be cutting their new property instead. Talk about feeling stupid! Some how the "FOR LEASE" sign didnt get my attention. Ijn my own defense I was very tired and stressed that month. My Dad had surgery for cancer and things were not going well. It all got better when I put my Brain back in my skull.:p

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