Am I a lowballer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CURBAPPEAL NC, Apr 7, 2006.


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    I think I charge a decent price but, In the last couple of weeks ive had three non customer associates tell me I dont charge enough. Two of the behing in there 60's and you know they can be cheap! For a yard that takes me 20 minutes I charge 30 - 35 dollars, if it takes me 45min to an hour I charge 60 - 75. (Depending on how much trimming) Also I get 95% of the customers I do estimates for. This also makes me think Im lowballing. But, with the limited accounts i have I cant afford to highball and possibly not get the jobs. What do you think. I think im gonna go up a little to see how it works out.
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    if youre doing 60 an hour solo thats great , if you can do more even better, we do maybe 110 an hour on residental with a 3 man crew avg over 40 hour week. But you always make more per man hour solo esp if you do the work instead of an employee. we avg 180 an hour on mobile homes with a 3 man crew but they are very small and close together . If yo uthink you can get more in your arera go for it i say, as long as you dont lsoe customers. good luck

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