Am I a "scrub"?

BareFoot Lawn Care

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Rock Hill, SC
I was wondering basically what a "scrub" is? I am a new company in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area, and I do not understand all of the lingo just yet. But, on the other hand, I do not want to burn bridges from the start because I did not understand something. All replies are greatly appreciated. Also, anyone from the area, shoot me a PM so that we may be able to do some networking. Thanks in advance!!


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No, my guess would be a troll, not a scrub.
Have a nice day.


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what if we changed the subject to ...

What is a true professional?
Really its the same question, just from a different angle.

This scrub stuff is getting very tiresome.


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A2, Michigan
I dunno if you are a scrub or not. But being a scrub is not necessarily a bad thing always. I certainly started out in scrubby conditions and managed to build and improve my business over time. Starting out in the low end isn't always bad, as long as you continue to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes.

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