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    I got the soup spoon and the soup spoons little brother teaspoon and still 3 hrs is a lot of time for a hole in that loose soil:hammerhead::laugh:

    as for the air thru the turbo its posible it could go thru a cylinder were the intake and exhaust valve are open and out the intake. The amount of air that could go thru there would be very small and the turbine wheel is designed to catch out going air so the air coming in would not have much to catch to spin the the turbo:nono:
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    alright, so I just got the lead on a roughly 20 or 22 acres and its a rough 22 acres, holes all over the place, some sink holes here and there. It was cleared earlier this year and being that 75% of it is in the bottom near a creek, its kinda moist in places, but its dried out since cleared. But the other 25% is a kinda steep hill.

    But anyways I've called around and have my rental prices figured, I'll be renting a Challenger MT315 with a 6ft bush hog. And so far thats the biggest I've found unless I go the complete opposite direction to get the machine. so anyways, how do I go about pricing this job?

    btw, here is the link to the specs for the tractor I'll be renting if I can figure out a price:
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    I've got a 30 hp kubota with a 5' bush hog for $40.00 a hour
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    so a 6ft would go for what, $50 an hour?
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    I'd say something like that.
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    It really depends on the conditions.
    By the hr is a safe way to do it but it makes it hard to sell a job that way.If you can then go for it.

    Flat land cutting here only gets about 75 an acre assuming one cut.
    So that job would pay around 1600 dollars if it was a normal cut.

    Your job based on your description will not fall under that criteria so you have to come up with an appropriate way to offer an accurate estimate of time.

    What I do is break it down into different parts to help estimate costs.
    The easiest to cut parts which need forward only will fall under the 75 an acre cost.
    The hills will need to accessed to determine if they can be cut without backing.
    Same with the Creek areas.
    If the tractor is not hydrostatic drive you will be hating life backing all day cutting around the creek.
    I usually have one guy on the ground limbing and brush cutting the really bad spots to keep the tractor going forward.

    With a 6 foot bush hog you can make an acre an hour at 2mph maybe a touch more.At 5mph you can make about 3 acres per hour.
    That is why I try to do it by the acre rather than the hour.I have generated over 100 dollars an hour cutting with my tractor on many jobs.

    Best case scenario a long day.
    Worst case I could see 2 long days maybe part of a third.

    Only get a 4wd tractor.
    Look at burning 15 gallons maybe 20 gallons a day with a tractor that size.

    Determining the amount of forward cutting will be the key to estimating this job accurately.
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    I am not cutting up to the creek, just to where they stopped clearing which is at the narrowest 20ft from the creek. And from what he said the other night he just wants the field its self cut, not up around the trees and things. If it was me, considering we all hunt the place, I'd just bush hog around the sections of trees so we can put corn out near these things and still feel safe being close to a wooded area to bed down in. But thats just me.

    Awj, I was thinking a per hour rate because I've never done this before and have no clue how to price a job because I havent done it before.

    Also, the area that he kinda described to me that he wanted cut should be all forward cutting, if there is any backward cutting it'll be on part of the hill and there isnt much there to be cut.

    And thank you Awj for the fuel average, being new to this type of work I've got no clue.

    Oh, and my boss is thinking of getting into ROW work, which consists of trimming the trees along the power lines and then mowing the ROW, and he said he would sub the mowing to me.. :cool2:
  9. AWJ Services

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    If it is just brush that is less than 4 feet tall and not too thick you should be able to average about 2 acres an hour.
    The first time on a property is the slowest because you have to be cautious.The brush can really hide things and it is very dangerous.
    I would say a 10 hour day based on the size brush I mentioned and I would bid it a min of 1400 dollars because it is the first cut.
    After that maint cuts will be much less since you will be able to cut faster.

    That is why I bid by the job and not by the hour.
    I am sure the tractor rental is at least 250 dollars so that would put expenses at 30 dollars an hour on a 10 hour day if the rental place does not charge for over 8 hours per day.
    You would need a min of 90 an hour to make a decent wage which will flip out your customer since most tractor guys only get about 35 to 45 an hour here.
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    actually the tractor is only $160 a day with an 8 hour minimum(I hate freakin caterpillar:realmad:)

    But it'll only be cut once a year. And I understand why you like to price by the job, but its like anything, you've got to do it a time or 2 before you really know what all you need to charge and thats why I was leaning towards the per hour charge. But if everything works out I'll be borrowing a friends 45 horse JD.

    My biggest worry with this property is getting stuck and all the holes and I am going to call Bobcat tomorrow and find out the width of the bush hog for the T300 and if its 6ft I'll rent it, it wont be as fast, but it'll be faster through the holes and it'll help with the hills. Plus I wont have to back if I've got to mow up to the creek.

    As for the size of the brush, there is an area along where they stopped clearing probably a 75yards long, 60ft wide or so that is 5ft tall or so, but its not all that thick and if I get the Bobcat it'll eat right through it. The rest of it is grass and some weird looking weird about 2 or 3ft tall. But I'll present him with a price.

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