Am I always this lucky?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Mar 22, 2009.

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    alright, so I was back over there today hanging out and riding fourwheelers with the owners son and we rode down there on the fourwheelers and there is alot more debris in there than i thought and not alot of big holes, but tons of small ones that would throw you around the cab of a tractor at 5mph. And I talked to the owner, he only wants the flat area mowed. I'll be running back over there later this week or weekend to hit it with the range finder to find the exact acreage but I'd guess around 10 acres and I'll find out what all exactly he wants mowed because we were way back in there and a T320 with a Fecon would be nice for way back in there and he mentioned knocking the under brush down and while I was at it I could chip up the dead trees. And then I could put the bush hog on and mow the field.

    the only problem I see with the T300 to mow it is the bush hog is only 5ft wide, how much difference would 12in make?
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    Will 5' even cover the tracks?

    How did the big clearing job go?
  3. Junior M

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    On the T300? I dont think so.. :laugh:

    And it went good, coulda been better but good, go back a page or 2 on this thread and I posted pics and something about what the customer said..
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    Junior you'd be surprised what you can get done with a T190 and a rotary mower. Using the biggest, baddest piece of equipment around isn't necessarily the most profitable way to do things. If a T320 with a FECON costs you 750 a day and a T190 with a rotary mower costs 300 a day then you're better off just using the 190 for the whole deal and only have to get one machine because a T190 w/rotary mower will cut down stuff up to 2.5-3" depending on what it is. It will make a helluva racket and it's probably bad for the machine, but it will do it. This is the voice of experience speaking.

    Underbrush isn't anything that requires a mulching head. You don't NEED a mulching head unless you're taking down the trees along with the underbrush.
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    I used a Davco cutter on the front of an RC60 last summer. A davco isnt a normal mower, but it is still swinging blades. It could cut down 3" trees in just a split second, and 6" softwood was not out of the question if it was something soft like alder. It also mowed great. About 2 acres an hour if just tall grass and light brush.

    A couple yrs ago we rented a normal bobcat brush hog and ran it on an s185 to clear an acre of brush in our woods. It had no problem at all with 2" brush that was about 7-8' tall. Chewed it up and spit out little chunks.
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    A Tractor driven Rotary mower is much more efficient than a skid steer driven rotary mower.

    That tractor you where talking about renting will put as much power to the mower as most any skid steer will .

    You still will have to back away from the creek so there is no difference with the tractor.

    I have a 400 series Bushog mower on a 38 HP tractor and have cut 100's of acres of anything from 4 inch trees on down.I cut at 1800 rpm which is well below 540 pto speed and burn about 8 gallons a day.You will burn 25 to 30 gallons a day with a skid steer.

    If he wants the underbrush down that is time consuming and I still stand on the per job price.
    As far as getting stuck.You can pull a tractor out with a truck.You get that T 300 stuck and you have had a bad day.
    The smaller mower will add about 10% on your cutting time.

    Those guys who mulch with Skidsteers know a few tricks and it is not as simple as jump on the machine and take off.

    Good luck.
  7. Junior M

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    That was on the T190.

    And when I mentioned the mulcher I wasnt only talking about the underbrush but all the fallen and dead trees to, thats why I plan on mentioning the T320.

    I was just thinking the T300 because truthfully I really dont like the caterpillar dealership and no one else rents a large tractor. But now they are the only choice I have..

    Also Awj, I am not mowing up to the creek, I am mowing up to where they stopped clearing unless he wants more done once I finish the field.

    And I am going with a per job price, I understand why you went or go with that price, I'd much rather go that route. And in the end the owner wants a per job price so there might be a slight learning curve here but I'll figure it out.

    he also just mentioned getting the underbrush down, he never said he wanted me to bid that also, when I get over there to measure it I'll talk to him about it and go from there.

    And I understand that, there is a trick to every trade. But I've got no one to teach me so I might as well figure it out for myself if I wanna do this..
  8. AWJ Services

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    The Rotary mower is much easier to use and learn and my opinion.

    I just bid on a job to remove some trash(form bums) ,mow the underbrush, limb the trees, and round up the vines on the fence.
    Will have one 30 yard can for the trash.
    It is smaller than a football field but in terrible shape.Most stuff 10 plus feet tall.
    I will have about 12 machine hours and 2 laborers. and I bid the job 3500.00 dollars.
    It will take 2 days.

    If I get it I will actually take some pics for a change.
  9. Junior M

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    Most definetly, its a much simpler machine and less dangerous in certain circumstances.

    Please get pics, pics are nice.. :cool2: I am thinking this job will price around $800 just for the open, flat 10 acre field.
  10. AWJ Services

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    That would be a decent price but you have to rent a machine which will cut in your profit a little , However just sitting a tractor for a day for 500 bucks is not bad.:)

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