Am I always this lucky?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Junior M

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    I'd be in the same boat as you if I didnt have school. Atleast I'd like to think I would be..

    Ya never know till it happens, ya know?

    And he has been a major aspect, but at this point, I've been able to handle the couple jobs that my onside job has sent my way... Plus, once I get the company in the direction I want it, I'll need one operator and that'll be me.. :cool2:
  2. ARP

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    Don't forget about how nice it is to have help with the administrative side of things too... I'm learning very quickly these days the limits of my ability to do everything to keep the company running while having to run the machine everyday. Has human cloning been invented yet? :rolleyes::laugh:
  3. stuvecorp

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    Yes, but remember - don't make a copy of a clone.:nono:
  4. Junior M

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    This is one of those, am I always this lucky moments...

    So me and my buddy and the owner of the hunt club and his son decided to head out to the lower 40 with a cooler full of beer, chainsaws and the tractor..

    We were going to clear out an area covered in fallen trees and brush for a better shot on this stand and the oppurtunity to plant a food plot. this is honestly the kind of work I'd love to do. Just with better equipment, less beer and less mishaps. :laugh:

    But we had a couple trees to cut down and the debris to burn

    So I dont have any decent pics, just some random ones that my buddy took while kind of intoxicated.. :laugh:

    The owner of the hunt club on his tractor attempting to push this stump out of the way.. (I am not even sure why he tried :confused:)


    thats the owners son, he's like 5ft10in for a size reference.

    this is my screw up of the day, The owners son decided this tree needed to come down and it was leaning way to one side. So he made the decision not to put a face cut in it, just come from the back and let it roll.. well it barber chaired like a professional. So I came in from the heavy side just above where he cut attempting to cut a face in it so I could kind of guide it down and it wouldnt just snap off going god knows where.. Well I cut the bottom of the pie, pulled the saw out and decided I could get a little bit more. No more did I get the saw back in the cut then did it get pinched.. :wall


    But anyways, we were almost done, had the fire rolling..

    Then the owner put a stump in the burn hole and was trying to push it up on the fire when he went in to far and we ended up with this..

    (Yes, that pic of the fire was taken probably 30minutes prior to the above 2)

    I hauled ass to get a bucket and we carried water from the creek up and knocked the fire closest to the tractor down and had 3 4wd trucks down there and couldnt get the dam thing out. Ended up pulling the stump out(you can see it in the first pic of the stuck tractor, I am bent over turning the tractor off) with a truck then got a 65horse NH to pull it out..

    oh yeah, this is for you Carolina gamecock fans. :laugh: :laugh:

  5. Dirtman2007

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    Nice gloves junior, they fit you well.

    Whats up with the L F tire on the tractor, it looks like it has street tread on it? I've already roasted a deere, thats ones just baked haha
  6. landscapesc

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    oh yeah, this is for you Carolina gamecock fans. :laugh: :laugh:


    I am a CLEMSON grad so I really love that last PIC! Looks like fun times...where is you hunt club? We hunt about a 1500 acre tract Orangeburg/Aiken and it is a blast to go up there....i could stay there for months on end!
  7. WillieWonka1850

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    Hahaha! I was thinking the same the thing! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  8. Junior M

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    Would you believe its filled up with mud from trying to get out? :hammerhead:

    At one point in time, the owner(Kevin) was like f$ck this! Just let it burn, we got no choice..

    And LandscapeSC, I could careless about USC vs. Clemson. But imo, Clemson is a better team. Plus, we took that pic for one of the guys that hunts with us(He's in that first pic of the stuck tractor behind me in the Carhartt) who is a huge clemson fan.. :laugh:

    But its not really a hunt club. Its just a group of us who chip in when we decide to do something and we all work on the property doing stuff like this in trade of hunting. But its in Elgin, not even a quarter mile from the house so its real conveinent.. If I wanna get away from the house, civilization and the normal day to day bulls#it I just head to the swamp just outside of Eastover.. :laugh:
  9. 93turbo

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    Theres so many things about this I can't beleive LOL for one I can't beleive no one was hurt LOL I also can't beleive you couldn't move the stump and couldn't get the tractor out
  10. Gravel Rat

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    I think the tractor needs some tires on it instead of racing slicks :laugh:

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