Am I always this lucky?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Mar 22, 2009.

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    The concrete is only on the outside of the steel and gets covered up.. its just a footer to hold everything together. We don't have any problems with water under the footer because the bottom of the footer is typically only 36in deep. The bottom of the hole goes to at least 6ft. So water stays in the deepest part of the hole..

    this particular pool in the above picture, we actually hit water at 36in deep. But once we dug the deep end, it actually drew all the water down. It was kind of cool to see.

    I'll get you some more pictures. But if you look through this thread, you'll see some picture of the process of building a vinyl liner pool.
  2. Junior M

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    Yellow, heres some pictures of a pool build.. the only thing missing from the pictures is the liner..

    Its funny to look back at this thread, the backhoe I just posted earlier today was new with only a hundred hours or so in the post Ive quoted.
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    Hey man saw you on insta. Its funny how different areas do it different. Guys around me install the same pools but with no concrete. They just float sand in the bottom and put the liner in
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    Yeah some guys do it with sand here to. But you never get a good firm feeling with your feet. Plus you'll get foot prints all in the shallow end when installing the liner. Which will be seen with any other imperfection if there is a light in the pool.

    I've replaced liners in many sand bottom pools and it's a royal pain because the sand actually sticks to the back of the liner so it comes up in big chunks and it never smooths back out right.

    I've seen a handful of pools with concrete bottoms but we install a product called vermiculite. We mix it with Portland in a mortar mixer. It's like a soft concrete with no gravel is the best way to explain it.. I am not real sure what it's made out of
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    very nice work. My neighbor had one that was similar but it was just in dirt/sand. they've had some problems..

    Water 36" deep? Wow. I think we have to go to 150' minimum. Everything drains here in the limestone caves.
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    Yeah, there are some pretty cool caves down your way. Well, at least the ones I've seen on tours were.
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    Some big changes are coming. I am currently waiting at a doctors office for a physical and drug test.

    I'll no longer be working for myself or the pool business. It's a big change, but it'll be for the good. I'll be able to enjoy my life more instead of working 7 days a week. We'll see how it goes though.
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    Good for you man get itv while your young and make the best of it.
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    That's what I am hoping with less stress!
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    now you know you are gonna have to tell us what you will be doing!

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