Am I being stupid?


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I’ll go a little further to say that while semi expensive ($600) for a 21” homeowner mower and debatable on if it’s the “best” I want to mention it (hrx217) has been incredibly utilitarian for my first year. And I’m under the impression that utilitarian and tough are exactly what someone beginning needs. If you think you will be tackling some rediculous jobs with your mower I would steer clear of something with multiple blades and can’t easily bag.

As a guy just taking anything I could get at first, I tackled some $¥<£;ng doozies. I mean 2’ tall grass, bagging up major hedge trimming debris and god only remembers what else I’m forgetting now. What I’m saying is it’s a very powerful mower with it’s 200cc engine. I remember using it at full forward speed through almost any amount of normal growth and not bogging and leaving a good cut, it’s also fairly light The rear discharge doesn’t disperse clippings well but it also doesn’t throw them all over, pros and cons…


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Hey jake! As @grass man 11 and @Hurryupelectric mentioned, you’ll have risk and rewards for your efforts, it comes with the business.

equipment breaks down no matter what color it is, if it hasn’t been taken care of, it breaks down sooner. Better equipment makes your operation more efficient, and in turn your output can increase.

your to be credited for your ambition, but until you get transportation, your limited in your scope and radius. Although it hasn’t been said, beware that some “Karen” may turn you in for driving your equipment on the sidewalk or street. I know you may be rolling your eyes thinking” ok boomer” but it’s the nature of people. I would suggest contacting some police in your area just to ask if what your thinking of doing is going to cause problems. Just some thoughts.


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Here’a what I would do and actually did. Buy the nicest 48-52 walk behind mower you can get for 3k. Figure out how many lawns you can do with school work on the side. Print some fliers and biz cards up and just give them to your immediate neighbors.
Here’s something I wish I would have done. Don’t underprice yourself! I don’t think you necessarily need to be at $60 an hour right now. But shoot for the goal of maybe $45 or $50 an hour. But whatever you decide your hourly rate is stick to it!

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Agreed, the bike and trailer probably are much quicker to a property than driving a mower. A good quality push mower may be the ticket. What are you using now?
A toro 22” recycler, it’s not built for what I am doing. And bike and trailer are very slow, the trailer is very heavy, so you going a bit slower than someone jogging at say a 9-10 pace.

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Okay, so you get a riding mower and can take on more and bigger accounts in a larger radius. Great. But what happens if it breaks down? Now what? Now you've got too much to mow with a 21 too far away.

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