Am I being too picky?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Myk, Nov 22, 2013.

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    First off I'm in the mowing business and wanting to add the feature to customers of fert/weed control. I don't want to go through the licensing and Ins. ect at this point so I'm trying to sub it out.

    This year I've tried out a company on three different apartment complex's I mow. They started in April and I've paid for 6 fert/weed control applications. They just finished up their last application over a week ago and there is still weeds in the yard. In past these properties were not covered in weeds but weeds were present hints hiring a company to treat them. The question I have is should I still have weeds present in my lawn after a season of treatment specially If I've seen the same weeds the past 3 to 4 months.
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    I think maybe a little picky. It isn't going to be perfect after just one season. After two maybe but even thats iffy.
  3. Myk

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    here is some pictures


  4. georgialawn88

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    anywhere there is thin turf you will see weeds no matter what they put down. 6 treatments is a lot to still be seeing weeds. I would start looking at other options if the thick turf still has weeds
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    I'm not surprised at the two areas that are shown. The first area looks like it may be continually damaged by line trimming. In the other picture the little triangle is probably quite compacted or worn where people cut corners. Could be there is garbage or spoils from when the concrete was poured there too.

    The first year I treat anything I tell the customer expect big improvements this year but please wait to evaluate until year two.
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    I agree with this statement not knowing all the details.
  7. kbrashears

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    First pic: someone is chemical mowing around the base with gly and no pre mixed in. Are you doing that to save trimming time? If so, that's on you.

    Second pic: high traffic area. Probably gets scalped down by a string trimmer. Still should see some control of the clover but expect issues there continually.

    Just talk to the weed control company and explain your concerns and see what they have to say.
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    Clover in a patch that big...that takes a long time to get that big. It should be gone--gone long ago.
    Next to the building--is that in the stones area? Is that henbit? Henbit is a winter annual. Arises about after the first frost. It could be killed with a late season weed control aimed at the winter annuals.
    Local people would know better at what temps the henbit begins to sprout. Maybe it should be sprayed when the temp first hits a low of 40. I don't know.
    Its OK to be picky. Justified.
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    If I were treating this lawn I would expect to knock those weeds, BUT you and the customer must understand weed control is much more than chemical applications. I could go on for days but in a nutshell weed control is a combination of all practices; Mowing, watering, fertilization, environment and more. That is one reason I am hesitant to treat a lawn that I do not control all factors.

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    May be not to picky I would expect easy weeds like clover to be gone if we were talking about Violets yes they can be tough to get rid of. And the first year is always the hardest. But the same weed for 4 months no I don't think so. The weeds in the first photo looks like there in a flower bed this CO may not treat them. And some CO only treat weeds at certain apps and not any other time I treat them every app. Call the CO and ask them to come out and look and see what happens don't just think the worst yet.

    Charles Cue

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