Am I being too picky?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Myk, Nov 22, 2013.

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    "spraying the weeds every time." Does that mean spot spraying? There is a good chance that the fertilizer is far above what you want--as a mowing contractor. The invoice should show what product was used--and--how much.
    The residents of the complex should be able to tell you what the rue green guys are doing. Most companies would be happy to drop the fert and add more weed killer. (Or another ap of weed control instead of fert.)

    What was the crabgrass situation?

    When I worked for rue green, sometimes the salesman would under measure the property and sell it for cheap. Then the applicator is doing the job billed at $200, when it was really a $400 job, that took 3 hours, and therefore have trouble making his $1000 per day quota.

    Tru Green guarantees their work--ask for a service call or redo.
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    I should of stared off this thread to ask. If you were to fert/weed control this property for a year would these weeds still be present? I've stressed my dissatisfaction to trugreen's rep about the weeds and the same response is one year is not long enough time to control all the weeds, I agree to a point but I feel trugreen weed control is terrible. Is why I ask you if you treated this lawn would I still see these weeds? I just need conformation to cancel trugreen and go local. Why I ask you guys since I just cut it. Thanks guys
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    I understand sedges and grassy weeds other than crabgrass as being hard to control. However, annual broadleaves not growing in the tropics are very easy to control. Three Way or Speedzone with a Gallery DF preemergent applied broadcast to a lawn covered with broadleaves will effect season long control. Someone is not holding up their end of the contract. I get lawns from H--L. In 60 days or 4 applications, there are no more broadleaves, grassy weeds are on their way out, and sedges are being controlled. This is in sensitive warm season grasses or bermuda.
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    Not on my program. You would or the client would also be required to pick one grass, because mixed grass lawns, especially ones containing both bermuda and cool season grasses are unmanageable.
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    I just read this thread, and I have treated lawns in Springfield MO. Namely the Taco Bells, and Golden corrals Up till a year ago. Most every lawn up there should be treated as a fescue lawn weather it has Bermuda mixed in or not. Fecue does real well in that area.

    As for the weeds, even in the 1st year those are easy to control and shouldn't be there. Now if it was Dallisgrass I could live with a few clumps...

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