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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassrootsinab, Oct 28, 2003.

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    I've been reading a number of posts on the different forums and think I may be considered a lowballer. I am the only LCO in a small rural town so not really hurting anyone but myself (stupid me!!) I worked for a company during university and began charging clients here what we did in the small city. I think my residential rates are low but my commercial rates are ok. I have a lot of seniors on fixed incomes. Here's the breakdown and I'd appreciate some feed back.

    I charge $17 for a 50x 100 foot lot that takes 2 of use about 15 minutes to service.

    My largest residental takes 20 minutes to service and we charge $25.

    Does this seem reasonable?
  2. paponte

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    Well let's just say that in my neck of the woods, I don't stop the truck for anything under $30.00. A $30.00 house takes us between 5-7 minutes. :cool:
  3. grassrootsinab

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    WOW!! I'm not off base...I'm outta the park!! thanks for the feedback.
  4. BSDeality

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    grassroootsinab, also keep in mind paponte runs a 2-3 man crew.
  5. lawnagent

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    yeah, I i know alot have some minimum charges but $25 for 20 min work is pretty darn good. It is over $1 a minute. and you have very few windshiled miles to pull your time down.
  6. pcnservices

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    No, you're not!

    Paponte operates in NY and you cannot compare what you have with his. Everybody's situation, operation and area is different.
    $25 for a 20 minute job is not bad going. If you can do 2 of those type of residentials in an hour, you're talking $50 a hour. Now that's good money for a solo operator in a small town (I assume it's a small town as you mentioned you're the only lco in your town)

    $17 a hour is obviously way too low. You can do better than that. You should have a minimum fee per lawn irrespective of how small or how fast you can do it. Like Paponte won't stop for less than $30, I wont stop for less than $25 - it's the same effort you're going through - driving, stopping, offload, cut grass, trim clean off, load, and go to the next job.

    Sometimes you have to BS with the client too and that time is your's. I don't say, don't BS with the client, that's also neccesary, but you have to compensate for a lot of things in order to justify your time.

    Good luck
  7. ahah

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    Are we talking U.S. or Canadian dollars?
  8. promower

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    Im in Wisconsin and I dont stop for less than $30. My cheapest mower is $4000, I cant make any money doing a house for $17 unless I had about 6 of them in a row, even then I wouldnt go lower then $25
  9. Flex-Deck

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    pcnservices - he did not say $17 per hr. he said $17 for a 15 minute yard - $68 per hr. - Of course we are not considering travel and load - unload time.

    I am bidding some big areas at $15 per acre + $20 unload fee., but I can mow 6+ acres per hr with one machine solo. That does make a difference. Most of these will gross approx. $95 per hr.

    I do have a machine that if everything was new would cost about $14,000, but it still is better than two $7000 machines because then I would have to hire an operator, pay Workmans Comp, Insurance on him, and more and more and more.

    My theory is to stay solo, unless you can run at least 2-3 crews of 2-3 employees each, Then you have to have good managers for each crew, because nobody does it as well as you do.

    Thanks Brad
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    I'm with Ahah,
    Canadian or American dollars??
    Big difference.

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