Am I Charging too Little

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kinglin, May 12, 2008.

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    I'm still doing market research and I'm busy looking at what would be a good price to charge. Since I'm a college student, I'm not worried about pulling in a solid income from this, nor looking to cut 100's of lawns at this moment.

    I used to cut lawns in my subdivision for $15, with some people giving me $20 as a nice gesture. I put flyers on their doors and 15% of those flyers given went to those who became my customers...pretty good I imagine.

    I've done some research on the competitiors and saw that they charge $22/week at the lowest. I'm looking at $18/week ($30/2weeks). That is the price for a lawn that I can cut/trim/blow in 15-30min. I'm wanting to get a good amount of customers at the start and slowly raise the price once I've been established. Am I not charging enough?
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    It is very hard if not impossible to raise prices later...set your price now or when you raise your prices they will drop you for another guy.
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    I picked up a NEW customer about a month ago. she had a student cutting her lawn, " he's now devoting more time to school and cant cut her lawn"

    I gave her a bid of 65.00 per visit, she told me that the young man was charging 40.00

    she said she would give us a try, before we got fininhed she came out and nearly pooped her pants,,,,, She was so happy, she them said WOW there is a BIG diffreance between a young man and pro's.....

    and she doesnt mind paying the higher price......

    there is NO moreal to this story, Jsut reenforcing, ya get waht ya pay for......
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    dont go entering any spelling bees anytime soon. :laugh:

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    this is why we mow grass
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    btw yes you are charging to little imo

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