Am I charging too little???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nickm, May 5, 2003.

  1. tiedeman

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    Well, if you advertised the information and told them $15 and then a day later say $20 then yes I would consider that a bait and switch. It all goes back to your advertisment. You are kind of between and rock and a hard place right now. If I was you, I would tell the new customers calling that important information was left off of the add. Like $15 for 3,000 sq foot lawns, and $25 for 6,000..something like that.
  2. nickm

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    My new ad will say 20. and when people call, I'm going to tell them that it's 20 weekly and 25 bi-weekly. I think that should be ok
  3. Let it Grow

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    It seems to me like you would do much better to look at each lawn, then decide what your price will be. Maybe advertise free estimates. You wouldn't get as many customers, but they will be better customers. The way you are going you'll be doing huge lawns for $20 when others are charging way more. I don't see how anyone could make money mowing any lawn for $20.
  4. mr.lawnzap

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    youre definetely low man,come on you have three crews and all that equipment and pay them 9.75 an hour and can do that by charging 15 or 20 a lawn?!! your gonna screw around and run your parent company into the ground with prices like that, seriously are you bull........ us or what?
  5. gogetter

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    I don't buy any of it. Read his first posts in this thread, it doesn't jive.

    It's all "I" and "my", not "we" and "our".
    It's "truck" and not "trucks".

    Like I said, I don't buy ANY of it.
  6. Jimmy348

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    Geez, that is a big bag of goodies for such a small crew or whatever he has.
  7. Let it Grow

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    This is what I mean Nickm. Just be straight with the people on this site. That's the only way we'll be able to help.
  8. Frosty_03

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    Hey dude like I said before we are here to help you just have to be straigth with us. You see how you got us thinking if you are legit, I bet your customers are wondering the samething. I would bet to venture that you are trying your best to do the right thing with your customers but it is too late cause now you see that you have way under bidded your accounts and now you wan to raise the price yes I would say you took advantage of the situation you have with all your assests and know that you found out that you lowballed you accounts you want to up the annie. I mean you even said in one of your post that you want to underbid your competition. With all your capital coming in I guess you can stand to loose some money. I know you can you can use it as a tax write off cause you for sure are not making no money. Another thing all that equipment just sitting around and you only have three crews!!!! Shame on you!! It sounds to me like you don't know how to run a company, but then that's what I gather just reading your post. Or you can be a some person that has nothing better to do than to try to get attention. In any which way it is we are here to help those that want to help themselves in this business. We share each others ideas and downfalls and everything under the sun that has to do with Lawn Care Services. So if you are just here to tell lies and Bull with us you are wasting your time. I hope that you are legit and do hope you can explain to your customers why you have to go up on your prices and hopefully you don't get a bad reputation as a BAIT AND SWITCH, becuase in my eyes that's what you have done and your kind give us a bad rap. I 'm glad to have people like you out there cause every time I make my deposit at my bank I thank God for his Blessing. I Hope that in your future endevors you have some good luck and one Lawn Professional to another BE HONEST MAN!!!!! GOD SPEED :cool: :blob2:
  9. WildMowMan

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    F***'n Hysterical!!!!
    :D :D :laugh: :laugh:
  10. the scaper

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    nickm, i think you might have some issues a little more important than landscaping to be concerned about. :help:

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