Am I Crazy Or Is This A Good Idea???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by APV's Mowing, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. APV's Mowing

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    I am a firm believer in the look of a 21" cut, i think that it stands out and makes it look unlike any cut a larger mower can provide--on residential lawns. But for the sake of time and money, i had an idea. Use a quickie 32 for the sides and back yard, then use a 21" for the front yard. Do you think this will work, have you tried it, or would it just be a waste of time to go and switch out lawn mowers? :confused:I just bought a 21" Toro Commercial last summer and i dont want to not use it either!!! I also want to beable to get lawns done quicker then in 45 mins to an hr. Another idea i have is to charge diff. rates for people that want a diff. cut- all 21 more expensive, so on so on. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS IDEA ARE WELCOME!!:)
  2. huntlawncare

    huntlawncare LawnSite Member
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    My personal opinion i dont like the look of a 21" cut , but i dont think most customers will know the diff and pay for it.
  3. APV's Mowing

    APV's Mowing LawnSite Member
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    haha i love 21" cuts, but its all about time and money, but i still love the look of a 21" cut, after mowing a full summer doing 15 lawns all summer...i got pretty damn good at making nice stripes with one
  4. sikagrass

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    Hi. Instead of all that, why not do whatever you have to do to get a full schedule?Get enough yards and you wont have time to chase the 21.You will be amazed when you upgrade to a bigger mower how much more you can get done.Good equipment will pay for itself in no time if you up your account numbers.
  5. APV's Mowing

    APV's Mowing LawnSite Member
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    Im still in high school so I can only get in so many lawns. if im doing regular sized residential lawns with a quick 36 with velkie, how many lawns do u think i could get done in 30 hrs? JUST A GUESTAMATE
  6. Lordtimothy

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    Make yourself a niche market. Part of your sales pitch is using a 21'' mower on the front yards or the whole yard. Then just charge them more for the "special" treatment. You will get people who will pay good money for that.

  7. jklawns

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    I am in the same boat. I am still in high school and only have so much time to mow. I have been running 21" all summer and I am trying to become more efficient without lowering the quality of my work. The Quick mowers do seem like a good option
  8. delphied

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    Up here in Michigan, The look of the cut of a 21 is not good. It doesnt look like a pro cut.
  9. LawnPro19

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    i agree with lordtimothy, i do carry a 21 but will only use it when asked, and i do charge more when i do use it, but some customers dont feel comfortablke with big mowers in there yards and thats fine but you have to remember time is money in this buisness and its gonna take you more time to do it with a 21 then charge for it!!! Goodluck
  10. johnnywill08

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    IMO there's nothing like a bigger mower (more powerful motor) running some super hi-lift blades, that really get the "vacuum" effect going. for one the vacuum picks the grass up great to make sure all the blades are getting cut, and that leavesa real nice stripe.

    drawback? cant use em in dusty conditions. in my case, my employees get covered (and i mean covered in dust and crap, and i cant imagine its great for the engine (all that dust, some's bound to get by the air filters....

    but for a young ster, stick with what you got, til you decide its time to invest in a good mower. although i know a kid prob about you age who bangs out a ton of work (all clsoe) on a good sized JD tractor (dumps on site) and makes a killing.... yeah he lowballs guys like me, but he's a kid making a few bucks on the side. i think hea should bring his rates up just for the fact that he does a killer job, but that's his call.

    good luck kid and remember, you'll never be as profitable (as a percentage) as you are right now:)

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