Am I crazy, or should I build a leaf loader?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lennonpaul, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. lennonpaul

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    Ok guys here it is. I have a billy goat 16 hp debri loader but its just not powerful enough., plus I need a backup for it has broken down on me two times during peak leaf season on the same year I bought it new. I've had it for 4-5 seasons now and it's still running pretty good, but when it rains kiss the suction good buy for a couple days until they dry.......So I think i can save some money by perhaps buying a 22hp engine and the housing and impellar from like billy goat or giant vac and then have my welder do all the tubing an dthe frame that goes up and into the truck. I think its possible to have a better engine and save around $2,000 plus . Is it worth it? New billy goat units run about 22 hp run between$4,600- $5,000. Engine price about $1,200-$1,500, the impeller a bit pricey maybe around $500, housing custom fit around impeller a guess $500, hose $150, and then my welders fee possibly $1,000. I guess i thought the machines were easy to duplicate in contrast to say piecing together a lawn mower and i think it could end up being a better unit for less cost. Im basically ordering all the parts and giving it all to my welder, not very time consuming. Give me some feedback?
    Thanks guys.:clapping: :clapping:
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    10 rakes and a couple illegals would be more profitible///j/k lol
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    I bought a slightly used 25 hp tow behind model from a municipality for Can $2500.00 It's bigger than I need so I have it for sale. I'm sure you can find a used unit and put a brand new motor on it for far cheaper than you can have someone build one. There was one at an auction on the weekend with a 4 cylinder gas motor and a 14" hose on it and it went for under $500.00
  4. hickslawns

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    How are you going to drive the impeller? If you plan on mounting it directly to the crankshaft then it better be properly balanced. This might run another $200-300. Otherwise you will need a system of belts (yes you will probably want a double belt system) pulleys, and some bearing assemblies. Maybe i am not picturing it correct. You are going to need to drive the impeller fan somehow, and if it is directly off the crankshaft it will need to be balanced well or you will tear up the crank bearings.
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    Your better off buying one used. But im suprised the 16hp isn't sufficeint. I would realy check into that mabey something is wrong or you can get different sized pipe.

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