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Am I crazy?


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
Went to bid property today in an upscale golf community.
The property was 52,000 sq feet, 52 trees some everygreen some oak, 600+ feet of edge and over 500 feet of fence line.
About 1/4 of the area was very sloped only mowable with walkbehind. I bid $105 per mow she said curent co. was doing it for $75. I asked about why she was looking for another to care for her yard. "I was just looking for a better deal".
By the way this was about a $800,000 house.
What do you think??


LawnSite Senior Member
I think your sane and that she is crazy. With that much trimming and turning I dont think you could go any lower.


LawnSite Senior Member
Run into exact situation this year . I asked what was wrong with the current service and she said nothing . "He has been doing it for 8 years and did a great job but he raised his price this year and we thought it was too much . " I bid 45.00 for this 14,000 foot lawn and did not hear back . Hope I helped the other guy keep his job.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
accurate, Find out if she knows of anyone else that her current service is taking care of, like friends, neighbors, etc.. When she asks why, just tell her; "So when they they are forced to go out of business because they're not making anything and are having to cut corners, I'd like to come in and perform the service properly."


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
Sounds like you under bid!!! Forget her, the wealthy ones are always the hardest to collect from anyway.