am i getting ripped off??

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by skarrlette, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Hi, I have received two quotes from contractors. I want to know if either price is good or I should check more contractors out.

    Here is what i want done. My home is on a small slope I want to create a new small landing patio and make my stairs and the patio in bluestone. Here is more detail. The stairs (12 total) there will be differents sets as we go down the slope, first set then patio (landing) then more setps all in bluestone and risers in fieldstone. Total 200 square feet of bluestone with like i said before 12 bluestone steps and risers in fielstone.

    Then i want the retaining wall which is 2 1/2 feet high at lowest point and 8 feet at highest and 40 feet long done in fieldstone. Then i want the tall wall on the side next to my garage veneered in fieldstone which is 8ft by 8ft.

    Under the bluestone will be concrete not dust. The ground will be graded.

    One contractor quoted 25,000!!!!! and he is known for doing golf clubs etc. Plus we are in Ma which is so expensive lately and i am sandwhiched between extremely rich towns. However i am not rich!! The other one gave 18,000 both of these prices sound way to high

    Can someone give me some advice before i hire?
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    I would check one more contractor, I always get 3 estimates. There has to be a reason why you have selected these two contractors in the first place. I would ask if they both could do a little better on the price, but I dont see them moving on it all that much.
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    Without knowing all the details I would say those prices seem reasonable for our area. Thats probaly at least 10k in materials, if you are on the south shore I would be happy to give you a third option.:)
  4. YardPro

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    personally i would go with the $25K price....

    what you are talking about is a lot of expensive work.

    here would be our pricing if your job had average access and conditions

    veneer on garage $2K
    dry stack wall ...$16K
    Stairs $4500.00
    bluestone patio (200sqft) $5K

    If you get it much cheaper than the $25K i would be suspect of the workmanship...

    I am sure you can find someone to do the work for $12-15K, but you will have an inferior job that will need replacing in a few years... and repairing another contractors bad work is WAY more expensive than doing it right the first time.
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    And why should the contractor come down on his price? His price is his price, his overhead, his profit and his company/potential family's future. As reputable as he sounds I would not think that he would just pull a number out of the air.
  6. mrusk

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    Honestly, 25k seems cheap.
  7. EagleLandscape

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    I agree with tthomas, also. I would advise this above everything else. Look at their previous jobs, look at the quality of workmanship. Ask for references. If the contractor is not comfortable with that, I would be careful and move on. But if he is proud of his work, and confident in the quality, that says something. That says alot actually.
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    As the homeowner, you're doing your due diligence in checking prices. Towards that end, if it'll make you more comfortable, get more quotes. However, is each contractor bidding his own design, or yours? Do you know if you're truly comparing apples to apples?

    Second, are you familiar with everything that goes into your project that will never be seen (depth of footers, concrete, steel)? Does this quote include engineering and permitting for the wall? I know here in VA, you'd need both for what you describe.

    Part of what drives cost is experience and knowledge. Based on your description, there is a lot that could go wrong if done improperly. We came in behind one contractor who got a job just like yours 80% done- and realized he screwed up and was 3' above the city sidewalk!

    Finally, as to your concern that you're getting "rich people" pricing- it's true that you live in an expensive area, I have friends and family there (I'm watching game 7 right now, in fact). Just remember that also means the folks you're looking at therefore have high operating costs. I doubt they're looking to get rich off your project.

    For what it's worth, I couldn't see that job being under 30 here...
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