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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Black-Rob, Mar 9, 2007.

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    I already have my license. I will be running a solo opp. Insurance is just a phone call away. I have 2 40" tractor mowers that I know will not work in the long run but might be alright until the yards add up to too many to run that slow. I will be putting my flyers out this Monday cause in Nashville the weather seems like it will only get better (72 high today for 3 days straight).

    My question is.....I really only have about 2 grand left for start up with the only thing left to buy is the trimmer and a big walkbehind. Since I will be quitting my job (car salesman) to persue this 100%, I want to finance a new walkbehind I found for $3200 + tax (that includes a stripping kit for the high dollar yard option). It is a new 2005 Dixie Chopper 48" with a built in stand deck. I have read alot about starting up with used equipment but I really don't want to spend the last of my cash on the walkbehind, eventhough it is probally the most important piece. Considering my clientel has not built up to REQUIRE it right this very minute, but knowing I will soon need it, am I right to finance it now, or use the tractor mowers until I can pay cash for something used in a month or 2?
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    Hummmmmmm, All Up To You. Why Is The Wb So Much? Have They Went Up? Been A Few Years Since I Bought One, But I Dont See Why You Cant Get A 48 Wb Belt For $2500, Maybe $3000. Just Stay With The Basics. You Dont Need A Stripping Kit.

    Plenty Of People Start Out With Less. Maybe You Want To Build Up A Customer Base Before You Buy A New Mower. Set A Goal Or 20 Or 30 Customers. Once You Get To That, Then Go Get A New Mower. Good Luck
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    I have been working on 3-400 bucks starting up!!! But you should look into used for now just going into it. You could pick up a decent belt 48" wb for 800 to 1500 bucks. Get the clientel built up, build the bank account, then spend the cash on a new machine!!!! Just my opinion
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    I agree with using what you have when you start out. If you go out and spend lots of cash on need equipment then don’t get but a hand full of accounts you, may be able to pay for the equipment.

    On the other hand, here are my feelings on used equipment, if you spend your last dime on a used mower and it breaks down, will you have enough money to fix it?? Where if you buy new, and you bank your money, to help pay or payments and fuel, then if you run in to a dry spell your have money put back. If you buy new then you have a warranty, there nice to have in when you break down.

    Remember, Down Time is a company’s biggest expense.

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