Am I gonna be happy with these nozzles?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vencops, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. vencops

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    I bought a Fimco ATV-25-71 to maintain an abandoned industrial site for one of my customers. There's approx. 2ac. of grassy areas that we all figured would be best maintained by just keeping the grass there burned out.

    The lowest I could get my boom is 21". Since the 1st app. was applied, I've gone back and done some spot-spraying. I noticed some streaking. Not terrible. But, admittedly it looks a little amateur-ish (to ME, they're happy).

    Best I can tell, the stock tips on my unit are 80deg. nozzles. The ones I ordered, today, are 110deg. (see link - Gemplers).

    I'll only use this for gly-type apps.. But, I do want it to perform correctly.

    Right move?
  2. fireman gus

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    On the sprayer we made for our Walker mower we used 110 degree nozzles and we have been happy. Of course our boom is closer to the ground (our boom is 10 inches off the ground and the nozzles are spaced at 10 1/2 inches. We got excellent coverage.
  3. grassmasterswilson

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    110 degree nozzles for every app i do

    You can look at teejet online and see all their nozzles. I'm using AI nozzles now, but have considered TTI nozzles. Might check with tractor supply, northern tool, or an ag store in your area.
  4. vencops

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    The guy at Gempler's (I ordered these, today) was a treat to talk with. These were his suggestion (he asked a lot of questions, too).

    Just wondering what you guys thought.

    10" boom height? Dang.

    I'm spraying at really low pressure (for a few reasons). If I were to use this for any other purpose than what I do.....I'd rig it closer to the ground (a little).
  5. Think Green

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    Look into ball check valves or air induction valves or your units will drip water from the lines each time you shut off the motor. If you run trace indicator like I is a mess on the driveways and sidewalks.
    My first boom tank came intact with basic nozzles......and not worth a flip!!!!!
  6. BShaffer

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    might check out this company called A D Williams, in AZ. they are extremely knowledgeable. Ask for Matt he is the owner. and my 2cents is Air induction nozzles are the best nozzles ever created. You can spray in a 20 mph wind and will have no drift!! GOOD luck
  7. vencops

    vencops LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
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    I'm not planning to use this sprayer for anything except gly. type apps.. I'm pretty close to ordering a ride-on S/S. Duly noted, though....and thanks.

    Shaff......thanks. Wrote it down.
  8. greendoctor

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    Those nozzles are ok. I tried them once and found them rather fragile. My preference definitely goes towards the AI 110 nozzles. It is true that they keep drift to a minimum. I use them for all of my herbicide and fertilizer applications. I do not have to worry about drift until winds go over 15 MPH. I really need to snap some pictures of a folding dry boom I made that goes on the bumper of my truck. It hangs 18" off the ground and has the nozzle bodies with the check valves to prevent drift. This is powered by my skid sprayer and controlled electronically from the cab of the truck. 2 acres of grass would be no problem for me. I have done as many as 12 acres in one day with this set up.

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